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SMS Notification Still SticksSupport

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  1. ergalthema

    ergalthema Well-Known Member

    Once a year or so, I have to complain about the fact that my Verizon Galaxy Nexus isn't able to turn off the blinking LED after I check a text message. I use Handcent and Light Flow. It seems like it worked for a few months this year, but lately it's back. I have to open the Light Flow app in order for the light to stop blinking. Does anyone have a suggestion that will allow me to use Handcent and have the notification LED turn off once I view the text message?

  2. gtbarry

    gtbarry Well-Known Member

    Light Flow > Settings > "enable Clear All"

    Now when you drop down the notification shade, select the three line "stairwell" stack and it will clear things
  3. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Like the member above me has suggested I think it is something to do with Lightflow.

    Try doing what he suggested and get back with us, since I really have never used Lightflow and don't have any experience with it.
  4. ergalthema

    ergalthema Well-Known Member

    I didn't want to have to clear all my notifications every time I needed to clear the SMS LED. I'm going to try using Handcent without Lightflow (I think I used to need Lightflow for something, but I can't remember now - maybe I don't need it anymore).
  5. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    I used to use Lightflow for a bit, but it was a long time ago and I always found it a bit sluggish and a battery hog.

    Hope everything works out for you.
  6. ergalthema

    ergalthema Well-Known Member

    So, apparently LED notifications aren't decent without LightFlow. Without it, Gmail only causes a slow white blink. It's barely noticeable. Am I missing something, or is there no way to choose LED settings without something like LightFlow? I guess that's why I thought I needed it... because I do.
  7. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Without rooting the device there is no way to change the default notification light. It will always be white on stock.

    Now certain ROMs let you change it so it could be a default different color, pretty much any color you want.
  8. ergalthema

    ergalthema Well-Known Member

    This sucks. I can't believe after all this time that LED notifications still can't be customized. LightFlow has so many settings that may or may not work depending on the phone, etc. I keep turning different settings on/off and still can't get it to work correctly.

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