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  1. kevins686

    kevins686 New Member

    Here's an obscure question, the answer to which I haven't been able to find anywhere else: How do I get my Bluetooth earpiece to beep or chime when I receive a text message? Older phones I've had had this capability, but it doesn't happen with my Maxx/Moto Elite Sliver.

  2. kevins686

    kevins686 New Member

    Nothing, huh? I guess it's time to up the ante, so to speak.

    I have sitting in front of me a check for $10 million USD that will be made out to the first person to correctly answer my question. The amount is made out; all I need to do is fill in a name.

    Could that name be . . . yours??
  3. sherri

    sherri Well-Known Member

    Does this work without Bluetooth? Are your settings correct so a notification will "chime" during a call?
  4. kevins686

    kevins686 New Member

    My notifications are coming to me normally, and all my settings are correct. Thinking back, though, I think the last phone I had that did this might've been my original (as in, 2006) Razr. It may very well be that this capability simply no longer exists.
  5. sherri

    sherri Well-Known Member

    If you are on a call (without Bluetooth...),do the notification chimes work? I use wired earphones when running. I set notifications NOT to interrupt. The led alerts me if there is a message. Only thing I want interrupting my music is a phone call.

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