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  1. ross1

    ross1 Member

    Can anyone answer a question that I am struggling to get to the bottom of, Can you send SMS messages in 3G ? My G1 shows 3g on the handset but is it actually sending the message via 3G or the traditional GSM network ?

    Doesn't seem to be a definitive answer on the web, Anyone got any ideas ?

  2. cvam1985

    cvam1985 Well-Known Member

    Was always my understanding that while you are connected to 3G you are still connected to the voice network - CDMA, GSM or whatever the case may be - over which your phone actually sends SMS.

    When I had a Verizon Voyager, my indicator would say EV and 1x when I was connected to 3G, but when a txt was sending or I was on a voice call it would switch to only 1x.

    I believe MMS is different and will actually go over the 3G network.

    Someone more technical than I can give a better answer or explanation, but I think my understanding is pretty accurate.
  3. JoeC

    JoeC Well-Known Member

    SMS is a protocol native to the voice network, not the data network. No data connection is utilized when using SMS.

    MMS uses a web service as a gateway, and therefore uses data.
  4. clobber

    clobber Well-Known Member

    The answer is: it depends.

    UMTS 3G is both voice and data. If you are on a UMTS/HDSPA (Europe, AT&T, T-Mobile U.S.) then when your phone is on 3G the text messages should be going over 3G. That does not mean they are going over the data service. HYour phone can be "on 3G" when you don't even have the data capability turned on. My Android phone only displays "3G" or "H" (for HSDPA) when I have the data service turned on. However, it is still on the 3G network when that is off. You can download a free app called "RF Tracker" that will tell you what network/system you are currently on. Search the market for "RF."

    Things are handled differently on the Verzion and Sprint CDMA2000 style networks. I think the networks are typically configured to have 3G for data only and revert to 2G for typical voice stuff. Text messaging then goes over the 2G networks.

    Out of curiosity, why does it matter to you??
  5. ross1

    ross1 Member

    Thanks for the info, I have poor coverage in my area and have been looking at a femtocell solution to resolve this, This only offers 3G though, So was wondering if I would be able to send SMS, Being doing a bit of investigation and the femtocell apparently offers all current protocols ie SMS MMS even WAP ! Vodafone have just put a femtocell out for a
  6. clobber

    clobber Well-Known Member

    Yes, with a Vodafone femtocell, you should be able to send/receive SMS. I don't know that for an absolute fact, but it should.

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