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  1. Brython

    Brython Active Member

    Dear android users

    Since I updated my Galaxy Gio to version 2.3.6, I encounter a very unpleasant problem.

    All of a sudden a single text message can be no longer than 70 characters. Whereas before this was significantly larger... Is this some kind of a bug or so?

    This means that I now have to pay for 2 messages instead of one for the same number of characters (as before the update)... really frustrating. :mad:
    Any solutions?

    I did notice that my message layout has changed. It seems like I now have a different text font (more Bolt than before)

  2. Brython

    Brython Active Member


    Apparently, the text input was changed to unicode which only allows 70 characters instead of 160.
  3. st3ntor

    st3ntor New Member

    I have a problem too with my Gio. I just got this phone a week ago, it came with 2.3.6 already, but it's got annoying issue. When I type an sms, I tap a letter once, but sometimes it comes up more than one letter, for example I tap letter "R", it comes up RR or RRR, when I want to scroll up or down some menu option, it clicks an option instead of scroll up or down. And when I want to scroll up or down on google map, it goes on zoom instead. It's annoying. Can anyone tell me how to solve this issue? Thanks
  4. anathematized1

    anathematized1 Active Member

    Where do you change this setting? I can't find it on my phone and it has 2.3.6 (Hauwei Ascend H866C).

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