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  1. cgammelgaard

    cgammelgaard New Member

    Hello Everyone

    Just got my new Motorola Milestone... very nice, however I cannot figure out where to enter my sms service center number. I have Settings under messaging don't have it, anyone can help me?


  2. deputynl

    deputynl Member


    entering this in the phone app, takes you to some settings. Choose phone settings and enter the SMSC in the box (close to the end of the list)

    Have fun,
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  3. cgammelgaard

    cgammelgaard New Member

    Great! Thanks a lot....
  4. kushjain

    kushjain New Member

    Hi All,

    Could you some one please assist. I am using a Dell Android phone for last 6ms and suddenly i am not able to send any sms.
    I have checked the settings and the SMS centre number appears as blank. When i tried to update the number i am not able to save the same.

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