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  1. yasikwidit

    yasikwidit Member

    I heard that your sms texts are stored on your phone's internal memory and not the sd card. Are there anyways you can back it up to the sd card? or set sms automatically to be stored on the sd card?

    btw, does anyone know how to browse the files on the sd card? does eris let you do that? ive tried looking but couldn't figure it out.

  2. SMS Backup puts them into a folder on your GMail. They're organized by contact. I think you can save emails as a notepad file or something, and just transfer those to your SD card by syncing with your computer.

    The first part is very easy; SMS Backup syncs using an internet connection and doesn't need to be connected to your computer or something. The second part is for if you realllly want them on your SD card, or if just accessing them on your phone through Gmail is enough.
  3. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Get the application called "Astro", which lets you browse files.
  4. smsmaster

    smsmaster New Member a look. It works on Android, RIM and iPhone devices. You can store, search and publish your text messages. It is also free. So if you changed devices or change them in the future or even carriers, they have millions of texts stored on their system.

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