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  1. knowledge2k1us

    knowledge2k1us New Member

    I have a HTC evo view 4G , how do I send my text to my tablet so i can read them there as well? I been digging around no luck.


  2. TomXP411

    TomXP411 Well-Known Member

    Your tablet has a phone number. You need to have people text that phone number. There may be an app on the market to auto-forward texts to another number.. you'd have to do a little searching to find out.

    Another method is to have people send SMS's to a Google Voice number; you can then install the Google Voice client on the tablet. Just make sure to skip the setup steps for voice mail. (In that event, do NOT add the tablet's phone number to Google Voice on the web site.)
  3. 300Bowler

    300Bowler Well-Known Member

    I don't think you can get Google Voice on the View tablet.

    I tried to even send the Google Voice app from my EVO to my tablet and it would not recognize it.
  4. TomXP411

    TomXP411 Well-Known Member

    Google Voice works fine on the View.

    I use Google Voice every day on my View; it's my primary app for texting, and I use it to listen to/read voice mails to my Google number.

    I don't remember if I needed to sideload the .apk, but I do know that once you get it on the machine, it works fine. Just don't try to set up voice mail forwarding, as that obviously won't work. (In the first time install process, just skip the voice mail setup.)
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  5. restlesstech

    restlesstech New Member

    I also use Google voice on the HTC View all the time.

    I did have to use Astro to create a backup of the APK from my phone and email it to myself.

    Strangely, it gets texts to my Google voice number about 60 seconds faster than they come to my phone, an HTC Evo.

    Very odd.
  6. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    What do you think this is? a touchpad? :-D I kid, I kid.

    Think there was something on engadget about a google voice update that was tablet oriented.
  7. welbinator

    welbinator Well-Known Member

    why wouldn't voice mail work on the tablet?
  8. Fabiana

    Fabiana Member

    So I tried d/l google voice to my view with no luck.. how were you able to.. I would love to get my texts on this thing.. Although I use it WiFi only, if that's the difference?
  9. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    Are you downloading it from the tablet or are you downloading the apk from your computer and installing the file on a micro SD card or downloading it to your tablet that's connected to your
  10. NinjaMom

    NinjaMom Member

    Sync SMS in the market.... Great app. Wonderful developer support.
  11. cokane

    cokane Member

    About a year ago, I was able to put PassItFoward on my evo 4g and google voice on my viewsonic (return to sender craplet) tablet and was able to send and receive text messages.

    You could try Tablet Talk, its on the app market for $2.99.

    Its supposed to use blue tooth and or wifi to keep your smartphone and tablet synced up.

    You can also try PassItFoward, its on the app market for free, only downside is the tablet needs a phone number to receiver messages.

    Aim/yahoo messengers let you send SMS messages to phone numbers.

    Viber is another app you could try.

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