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  1. aum108

    aum108 New Member


    I am trying to use a USB modem (Huawei E220) for sending and receiving SMS messages on my Chinese 7-inch "Vigo" tablet running 4.0ICS.

    All the applications I've tried - Android Messenger, Handcent, GO SMS etc - send SMS messages successfully through this modem. But I can't receive incoming SMS messages, no matter which messaging app I've tried.

    And, the modem works just fine for 3G data connections.

    So is it even possible to receive incoming SMS messages into a tablet via a USB cell modem? If so, what am I missing? Are there hidden config settings in one of the apps, or the tablet itself, that I need to change?

    Thanks if you can help

  2. insomniacno1

    insomniacno1 Member

    Hi all, I have the excact same problem, using Globe tattoo usb stick E1552 & E153. Both work fine for internet and sending sms through GO sms pro, but is unable to receive sms or make phone calls. Those things work perfect on a pc, so what is Android missing?

    This is an 8GB OMY Q88 Galaxy Tablet running ICS 4.0.

    Hope someone can help:)

    with kind regards


  3. insomniacno1

    insomniacno1 Member

    This is an old thread - but the question still stands.

    How do I use my tablet with USB modem to recive SMS?

    There must be a software solution by now, but which one?


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