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SMS to exchange emailGeneral

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  1. cherryw

    cherryw New Member

    Hi All
    New here and just wondering if you can help. I just got the S3 4G and have setup two email accounts. I now notice that when I receive and SMS it also goes to my exchange account, how do I stop this.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hsvzclubbie

    Hsvzclubbie New Member

    Mine did that too. To fix the issue unload - delete the exchange email. Then reload and whilst doing in the setup there is a tick box about the sms to exchange - untick that box. From memory I had to slide down the menus since it was off the screen.

    Mine all good now but it was annoying when it did it :D
  3. cherryw

    cherryw New Member

    Thanks mate, all fixed.:p

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