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  1. kipster81

    kipster81 Member

    I am having issues sending SMS while at home on my Network Extender. The issue is usually when I come home and go from Verizon's network to the extender. If I cycle in and out of airplane mode after getting home, it usually fixes the issue. It's almost like the phone isn't connecting to the extender properly after being handed off from the actual local Verizon network.

    I currently have a 1x network extender (but a 3G model is in the mail for me to try). Any ideas as to what a fix for this could be?

  2. atrain311

    atrain311 Well-Known Member

    I have had an extender in my home for many years, so I'm guessing it is a 1X extender. I've never once had a problem sending anything, but I also use WiFi in my home so I don't know if that changes anything in regards to your issue. My understanding was my extender was only for voice improvement, but SMS might take that path too. Sorry I couldn't be more help, but all I can add is I've had no issues like that thus far.
  3. kipster81

    kipster81 Member

    As a follow up, after receiving my new 3G Network extender for my house, I have had no other issues. Not sure exactly why it was causing an interruption, but it was.
  4. Glenshadow

    Glenshadow Member

    I have been having the EXACT same issues... I have 2 calls in to VZW telling them that it is only on 1X.. they keep saying they are gonna look at extender and boost the signal from it and all that crap. yeah now.. I KNOW it is 1X issue... tomorrow they will be hearing from me again and they WILL be sending me a 3G one to replace this thing.

    It is an issue for sure with this phone and the 1X extender as my and my girlfriends Incredibles never had a single issue.
  5. kipster81

    kipster81 Member

    I think that the manager that I talked to that finally wanted to help me out was in Customer Loyalty (after dealing with a real winner that answered the phone in loyalty). If you don't get anywhere with them, I will try to call in and get his info and pass it on to you. He was excellent to work with!
  6. Glenshadow

    Glenshadow Member

    Got it... had to bark up the food chain one level and the guy was nice and had no problem shipping me a 3G extender. Be here Monday and my issues should be resolved ! woohoo !

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