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SNote & Canon Pixma ip100 printer, any users, please helpTips

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  1. liviococcia

    liviococcia Active Member

    Hello Members, I've purchased a Canon Pixma ip100 printer and plan to use it with my SNote via a Bluetooth connection, I found out it was possible when searching through YouTube (link below)
    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    What the video doesn't give details to, is the type of Generic Bluetooth dongle the printers using and how you setup the BT dongle to the printer, my query regarding this issue is most Bluetooth devices require a pairing code to be entered, so how would this be entered using the SNote.

    Also, I realised there is a specific Canon Bluetooth dongle called BU-30, but it's very pricey, around

  2. ronburgundy1

    ronburgundy1 New Member

    I think you set it up from the Canon Setup Utility 2.4, but my problem is that I can't get the ip100 to accept a generic bluetooth dongle. I have tried several, and none work. I don't really want to shell out a ridiculous $50 for the canon bu-30.
  3. liviococcia

    liviococcia Active Member

    Hi Ron, i purchased this one below from Amazon for my Canon Pixma ip100...

    Trust Ultra Small Bluetooth 2.1 USB Adapter 10m BT-2400p

    ... It seems to work well, for the Android printer app I use 'PrintHand', and I think I chose the Canon Pixma ip5000, see video..

    But I had also been advised to use the ix5000 prior using ip5000, although I found it the 'ix' printer driver didn't work for me.

    All I had to do was plug in the 'bluetooth' dongle with the printer off, then turned the printer on, scanned for 'bluetooth' devices, then put in the passkey (either 0000, 1234, or 1111, i can't remember exactly), follow the instructions for adding the printer in the Android printer app.

    What I found was whenever I wanted to print, i had to always tap in the BT passkey, but that was the only thing (kind of bug in suppose).

    Hope this helps
  4. ronburgundy1

    ronburgundy1 New Member

    I decided to return my Canon Pixma ip100 and buy the HP OfficeJet 100 mobile printer, and I can't be happier. It was cheaper when you take into account that the HP has built-in Bluetooth, and it even comes with the battery!

    I was able to set it up without a computer in about 10 minutes to print from my Android (Asus TF300T). It works great!!!

    Dump the Canon - get the HP.

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