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  1. akgraham

    akgraham New Member

    I have added FB on my SNS, but there is no feed for it. It just keeps saying, "add a social network account and stay updated with your friends". I can't get it to work. Is something wrong with my phone or the social feed?

  2. joelunch

    joelunch New Member

    I am having the same issue. The get friends screen simply says "No SNS accounts". This is a samsung galaxy s. I have a facebook account setup... On Androidn 2.1 I used to be able to select who to sync. I am now on 2.2.1

    I am running a custom rom, and on further inspection I may not have sns installed. What is sns all about? Is it better to keep it off. It looks like google have disabled the facebook contacts sync in 2.3 anyway over a dispute about openness.

    Is there an app that will do this sync for me. Maybe even on a desktop to sync facebook and contacts info.

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