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So a 5mp camera sounds very impressive, how is it?

  1. nothingbutaGthingbaby

    nothingbutaGthingbaby Well-Known Member

    I've read that the Hero has a 5mp camera with auto focus, that sounds like the best camera on any phone yet, so how is it? Do pictures taken in low light (bars/pubs per say) come out? Is there any type of flash?

    Thanks! :cool:

  2. G8D

    G8D Well-Known Member

    It is quite good. With the MoDaCo (and possibly new official ROM) you can auto focus or custom focus by tapping.

    Only let down is no flash of anykind :(
  3. chaz_uk

    chaz_uk Well-Known Member

    In good light it's fantastic but anything less it's not so good.

    I took these shots with it at a local lake when we went to feed some ducks and swans: Kenningtons Park - a set on Flickr
  4. nothingbutaGthingbaby

    nothingbutaGthingbaby Well-Known Member

    Wow, hard to believe those were taken with phone camera, very nice!

  5. trick202

    trick202 Well-Known Member

    As with any camera phone, the trick is a steady hand and sensible positioning with regards to the light.
  6. chaz_uk

    chaz_uk Well-Known Member

    One of the bad things with the Hero is the lack of a dedicated camera button.

    Clicking on the scrollwheel means that I slightly jog my hand most of the time.
  7. ianr

    ianr Well-Known Member

    The camera is more responsive but not as good picture quality as the one on my old Nokia N95, and doesn't have a flash, even an LED one like on the N95. It's OK but it does tend to blur movement much more than the N95, which indicates it's using slower shutter speeds, most likely to compensate for less light sensitivity.

    Basically it's OK but nothing special. 5Mpix is the same as the N95.
  8. 3rd-Geer

    3rd-Geer Well-Known Member

    I'll say that it's decent. I expected a lot from it, and I'll be the first to say that now my iPhone 3G is now only my ipod. But if I need to take out a phone to take a quick picture....it's still my iphone. The pictures are still a lot crisper and better in different light situations.

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