So are Straight Talk phones worthless if they cancel your account?

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  1. jjgator

    jjgator Member

    I was thinking of getting the Galaxy Proclaim that runs on Verizon towers, but I've heard they warn you and then cancel your service if you use more than like 100mb a day or 2 gigs a month. I'm not planning on using much data(At work or home I can pick up wifi all the time anyways), but if I go over and they cancel my account is the phone worthless, or can it be activated again with a different number?

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Welcome jjgator, to the AF forums :D

    Honestly, i have never heard this, and they cannot cancel your account, they will just charge you boatloads for going over.

    Personally i use Google Voice for texting, meaning i text over the mobile network all the time, using my data plan. I have used 150mb with Facebook, Google+, This forum, and texting for about 20 days. Decent usage.

    Hopefully this helps!
  3. jjgator

    jjgator Member

    Thank for the welcome, I've read some threads on here before, but I finally decided to make an account. How would they charge you for going over since it's a prepaid service? Everything I've read says they warn you the first time, then they cancel your account the second time and you lose your number. Do you have the phone I'm talking about? If so, how do you like it? It definitely doesn't look too powerful, but 45 a month for an android that runs on Verizon towers sounds pretty good.
  4. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    I have the Galaxy Nexus, but I have been with Verizon for years, and they have been nothing but nice to me, especially when it comes to going over.

    I have gone over minutes a couple times, and on more than 1 occasion they call me to let me know, offer me a deal on saving a couple bucks, but more than usual they just charge me a couple extra dollars for going over.

    I love there service just because it is everywhere. I always have mobile network and cellular radio to make calls and texts. Its awesome. :)
  5. jjgator

    jjgator Member

    Oh, I am talking about Straight Talk, a prepaid carrier. They have phones that run on all the major carriers' towers(the one I'm talking about runs on Verizon towers), but their rules are different than Verizon's.
  6. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    StraightTalk is unlimited data, but they have a very prominent disclaimer that they can and will cancel your account if you use too much data too often.
  7. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Well there is your answer jjgator, unfortunately i thought you were talking about Verizon, who can't, but as MacFett, said, who i have no reason not to trust, that they can and will : \

    Pretty lame if you ask me though, hopefully we helped you out a little bit with your issue :)
  8. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    I bet they could render the phone useless. If the phone is locked to Straight Talk and they block its IMEI from their network, that's it, game over. Unless you can find a way of unlocking so you can use another carrier's SIM.

    A carrier might offer unlimited data, but that's nearly always "unlimited" with a great big asterisk *
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  9. jjgator

    jjgator Member

    It isn't a GSM phone, so it doesn't use a SIM. I was originally thinking of getting a Google Nexus unlocked and putting in one of Straight Talk's At&t SIMs. That way if they do cancel my service the worst that happens is I lose my number but could still use the phone with a different SIM. Also whoever moved this thread probably shouldn't have moved it here. This isn't a Verizon phone, it is a Straight Talk phone that runs on Verizon towers, Verizon isn't the carrier.
  10. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    I highly doubt the could. The normal carriers can do that because if you back out, you generally still owe the hundreds of dollars. No such arrangement exists for straight talk, especially if THEY decide to terminate your account.
  11. oldnoob2

    oldnoob2 Well-Known Member

    From everything I've seen lately they aren't cancelling people frequently anymore. Now they throttle you, sometimes with no warning, and make it difficult to get unthrottled. Most of the throttling happens on the AT&T sims, you don't hear it on the other carriers much.
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  12. jjgator

    jjgator Member

    That's good to know, thanks.
  13. xTye

    xTye Well-Known Member

    They actually aren't unlimited data. I had them for a while. The cards I got said Minutes/Text/Web. Nothing about data.

    On the BYOP site it says this, but it's nowhere near true at all.
  14. tnstra

    tnstra Well-Known Member

    I personally bought the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim simply to find the answer to this question. I used it for 3 months as a separate line from my regular provider and I used it exclusively for data.
    I used about 3.5 GB per month and never had any problem, warnings, or notices from ST. I did occasionally experience a data slow down however I attribuite that to data traffic on the Verizon system.
    The device BTW is a fantastic little phone and I practically liked it as good as if not better than my Moto Razr.
    My purpose by the way was to find a cheaper provider than Verizon and still have unlimited everything when I retire.

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  15. jjgator

    jjgator Member

    Thanks, that's good to know. I watched some youtube reviews and a few other people said they've had the phone for months with no data issues and it seems powerful enough for anything I'd use it for. I'll probably order one from soon, I guess maybe I should look for a case as well.
  16. oldnoob2

    oldnoob2 Well-Known Member

    I remember reading somewhere that on the Verizon side ST doesn't start giving you a hard time about data until you hit the 4GB mark.
  17. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    hmm, looks like the proclaim is the one phone St has where you can use verizon's network.

    so they give you a bit more room with data on this phone. 4GB instead of 2GB?

    has anyone been able to surpass 2GB a month consistantly on any other phone?

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