So bummed - no service on my Epic

  1. Brian2071

    Brian2071 Well-Known Member

    My Epic was delivered to my home today, so I raced home after work to start playing with it. And then the worst thing happened. I have no coverage in my house. Nothing not one bar. If I go outside hold my phone just right I might get 2 bars.

    I checked the coverage maps before switching from Verizon and the Sprint rep checked when I got the phone and they said I had coverage also. So bummed :(. It looks like I might have to return this phone and go back to Verizon.

  2. apexz

    apexz Member

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  3. BrianFX

    BrianFX Well-Known Member

    Sprint roams on Verizon. If there's no Sprint signal in the area, your phone should switch over to Roaming mode and work on Verizon towers. You get voice and 1xRTT, but no EVDO. Still, if Verizon works in your area and Sprint doesn't, something is wrong with the phone. (unless Sprint/Verizon's roaming agreement varies by region)
  4. pflol

    pflol Well-Known Member

    I've dealt with the same problem for 10 years. I don't get any sprint coverage at my house due to the mountains but I can get 2 verizon bars :(
  5. aznmode

    aznmode Well-Known Member

    My epic doesn't get as good reception as my evo. its always 1 bar lower.
  6. ragnarokx

    ragnarokx Well-Known Member

    Your answer is definitely between post 2 and 3. You can either call Sprint retentions, say you want to cancel because you have no coverage at home and they will give you a free Airave (and up to a year of free service), or wait for a custom ROM to come out that has a force roaming setting.
  7. Its funny I had the opposite when I had Verizon. No signal in the house but outside I could get a signal so many times if I got a call and was home my phone would go right to V/M. When I changed over to Sprint I don't have a great signal in the house but still better than Verizon and my calls come through most of the time now with Sprint. It really all depends on your location and how far away you are from that carriers tower.
  8. HumorMonkey

    HumorMonkey Member

    Isn't the data cap more limited per month when roaming? If he was roaming at home all of the time isn't there a greater potential that he could chew through that roaming data cap.

    From the Sprint Terms,...

    That brings me to,...
    Is the suggestion that they might give this to him at no cost, in order to keep his business? If so, I would try this route.
  9. Brian2071

    Brian2071 Well-Known Member

    I'll give Sprint a call and see what they'll do for me. Thanks for the help.
  10. Brian2071

    Brian2071 Well-Known Member

    I just got off the phone with Sprint and they are sending me the Airave
    no charge so I can have coverage inside my home. That's a relief, I thought I was going to have to go back the Verizon.
  11. lxy33

    lxy33 Well-Known Member

    Sprint sent you the Airave without charge? They wanted to charge me 10bucks extra a month!

    I also left Verizon and have NO coverage where I live! It sucks! I really dont' want to leave Sprint--I get one bar and mostly roaming.... the sprint guy said if they notice you have more minutes roaming they start charging you. Apparently because I live on the hills, the tower is getting covered by "trees" ugh!
  12. Brian2071

    Brian2071 Well-Known Member

    I live in the hills also, but the Sprint coverage map shows excellent service...Not! One bar at best. I told them I wanted to return my phone and told them about the lack of any in-home signal they just offered it up all no charge. Give them another call and tell them you want to cancel...they'll give it to you.
  13. lxy33

    lxy33 Well-Known Member

    The Airave connects to your internet at home, right?

    I'll call them again! Sucks coming home and not having a single bar! Thanks!
  14. Brian2071

    Brian2071 Well-Known Member

    Yep, connects up to the internet. You'll have your own personal mini cell tower.
  15. aznmode

    aznmode Well-Known Member

    I got a free air rave for my mom and so did my brother. Probably about 6 months ago. I had to call a few times to get it.
  16. lxy33

    lxy33 Well-Known Member

    Do they charge you a monthly fee once you get the airave? I don't want any hidden fee's on top of the 10bucks for the 4G i don't have! LOL
  17. waylonrobert

    waylonrobert Member

    Completely free? Or do you have to pay a monthly service charge?
  18. Brian2071

    Brian2071 Well-Known Member

    Totally free for me.
  19. lxy33

    lxy33 Well-Known Member

    I'll have to call tonight and see what I can get out of them! :)
  20. Araliss

    Araliss Well-Known Member

    I'm sort of having the same issue. My husbands Evo gets a stronger signal. My Epic, gets 1 to 0 bars and drops calls. I thought about getting the Airave but I'm torn because one of the reasons I wanted this phone was as backup for the rare days my internet does go down. Using my home broadband to have good data and reception almost defeats the purpose.

    I definitely wouldn't go for the 30 dollar extra for tethering with this signal. Verizon does have a great signal in my area but they are so much more expensive. And my husband is already past the 30 day time frame to break contract. My son wants a line and adding him on Sprint is much more affordable. At the moment he's been put on hold while I make up my mind if I'm dropping Sprint to go to Verizon. But I so much love my Epic. :(
  21. aznmode

    aznmode Well-Known Member

    Mine was totally free as well. Changed $4.99 a month on my bill and also a credit of $4.99. This isn't the 3g version of air rave though.
  22. aznmode

    aznmode Well-Known Member

    Oh and also I didn't have to pay for the unit which back then normally is $99.
  23. lxy33

    lxy33 Well-Known Member

    SAME ISSUE HERE!!! I left verizon for the same reason! sigh***
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  24. Araliss

    Araliss Well-Known Member

    20 dollars for a third line on a smartphone with unlimited data on the family plan is a awesome deal. If I go to verizon my son could never afford to pay full price for his line. I want to help him out but gawd I just dropped AT&T (iPhone) after 2 years of Edge and no 3g. I thought sprint would have great service. As horrible as AT&T data is, I could make calls that were loud and clear.

    I went to best buy with my Epic and my husband's Evo. Evo consistently does double to tripple speeds over what I'm getting on Epic. The sales guy pulled out his Verizon phone and it just blew my speeds out of the water lol. He was getting like 240 kB/s, I get like 10 to 20 kB/s and my husband gets 50 to 60kB/s.

    If I could get what my husband gets I would be perfectly fine with that speed but 10 is really bad. I don't understand why the Evo is so much faster.

    Anyway, keep us posted. I want to hear how your Airave works for you. I may have to give up my dream of a phone with a fast internet connection again lol.
  25. lxy33

    lxy33 Well-Known Member

    I'll post!

    My verizon was super fast at my house! But because it was too expensive AND I wanted the Epic, I left them! Now I'm stuck with crappy coverage but I do like the phone... I still can't decide if I should trade my Epic for the Evo--I love the Epic, but I"m suck on wanting the evo... bleh!

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