So can we root the Exhibit yet?

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  1. togakangaroo

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    I've seen a couple things talking about it being rooted successfully but no links. I hate this OS, so damn unsatable

  2. zdarkcj

    zdarkcj New Member

    so theres no way to root?

    Not even getting z4root from here:
    Goto google type z4cell and click the first link
  3. webguy82

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  4. quixotic1

    quixotic1 Member

    This is fantastic news! I have had this phone since June... It's my first Android, and I have no idea how to root. I've read everything on the links you have provided and I find myself needing a little more direction. I'm not computer illiterate, but I am not a Linux user, and I've not rooted a phone before. Would you be willing to help out a relative newb with several questions?

    1) I know I need to connect my phone to my computer (Win Vista) somehow. But other than connecting the USB cable, what do I need to install to the computer? I have installed Samsung Kies, but I don't think that's what is needed. So, what is needed?

    2) Once I'm connected, and I've downloaded the zergRush file to my computer, what do I do? It's just a file with no extension.

    3) Someone posted the following instructions, but I think something's missing... here's the instructions and then I'll ask my questions:

    1) Put a fresh (just formatted with no data on it) SD Card into your phone (this helps with some roots, not all, but better safe than sorry)
    2) On your phone, goto settings -> applications -> development and check "USB debugging"
    3) Plug your phone into your computer
    4) Download zergRush
    5) unzip zergRush
    6) navigate to android sdk (varies from computer to computer, my (win7) install location was c:\Android-SDK-x86 (or something like that)
    7) (If you've already downloaded all the sdk tools, you don't need this one) Download and install any missing sdk tools (i.e. adb) (i just selected most of the and let my computer sit overnight to install everything)
    8) run command prompt (in windows 7, press windows flag + r to open up the run command, then type cmd, hit enter)
    9) Navigate to the "platform-tools" folder inside of your android-sdk folder
    10) type in "adb push C:\[location of zergRush]\zergRush /data/local"
    11) type in "adb shell"
    12) type in chmod 755 /data/local/zergRush
    13) type in "/data/local/zergRush"
    14) Good luck, it works on some phones, but not others!

    Q1) In Step 1, if I only have the one SD Card, can I copy the data from it to a safe place on my computer, do all these steps, then when done, copy the data back to it? Or is that necessary? All my programs, pictures, etc are on that card. So...???

    Q2) Step 3... here's where I'm questioning... what is going to recognize my phone on my computer?

    Q3) Step 6... navigate to Android SDK? What?

    Q4) Step 7... download what? from where? why?

    Q5) Step 10 on... OK, I get this is where I am putting zergRush on my phone, but these instructions have stopped at the most important part. How do I achieve a permanent root? How do I install or push superuser or su? Where do I get these?

    Q6) Lastly... presuming I successfully get permanent root and superuser on my Exhibit 4g (sgh-t759), what programs do I now have access to that are considered the real 'necessities'? I do not wish to change my ROM, I just want control over underclocking my phone, turning off 4g when phone not in use, etc.
    I'm sorry for being a complete newb here... but I'm just not getting it.

    Please help someone who really wants to learn.

    Thank you so very, very much.

  5. webguy82

    webguy82 New Member

    First you want to download this file from Samsung. This is the USB driver for your computer, assuming you're on a windows pc:

    Download the Rar file from this post:
    xda-developers - View Single Post - Samsung Exhibit 4G

    These should be all you need (you may need to download winrar or 7zip to extract the rar file). Install the drivers onto your computer and extract the files from the Zerg rush root.rar file.

    Open up the Zerg rush root folder and execute this file: ZergRushTempRoot.bat

    That should be all you need to do. The batch file should take care of everything for you. Just wait for it to finish, it did say it was "sleeping" for me a few times, so just be patient.
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  6. quixotic1

    quixotic1 Member

    Wow... Thanks so much for the quick and complete reply, @webguy82. I really appreciate it!

    Yes, I'm on Win-Vista, and yes I have WinRAR and WinZip - no problem there. I did see that "newb" rar-rollup that said it did all the 'stuff' for you (the one to which you linked in your reply). I generally avoid running things that say they 'do it for you' (especially from something downloaded from who-knows-where by who-knows-whom)... but perhaps in this case, I'm just too new to the scene to do this on my own. I'll spend a little time going through the bat file, just to see what it's all doing for me - hopefully start to get myself learning more about this stuff. It's also nice to know that someone else has used the rollup, and that it worked. That gives me a little more confidence in using it.

    Of course, the most important piece of info you gave me was the samsung driver file. I think I had the "tether" file downloaded some months back... but, never really needing to use tether, so I never bothered with installing it. And I'd never guess that was the file I needed.

    I have installed Samsung Kies, but haven't found much, if any, use for it. Does installing Kies install the necessary driver? Or should I go ahead and just install the drivers you linked from the Samsung site in your reply anyway?

    Lastly, do I presume correctly that I will need set my phone to USB Debugging before running the batch file?

    And, should I use a formatted SD card? Or is it safe to just use the one I've been using, with all my apps and photos etc already on it (perhaps after making a safety backup of it)?

    Thanks again so much for your help. I'm very grateful!

  7. webguy82

    webguy82 New Member

    I would recommend that you install the drivers that I posted in my original post. Those are specific for this phone and android debugging.

    Since my Exhibit 4g isn't my primary phone I had no issue trying this out. If it broke, oh well. But everything worked swimmingly. I didn't format my sd card, I had photos, apps, texts still on my phone when I ran this tool. And when it finished everything was still there. I did have to have my phone set to debugging mode and I just plugged my phone into my computer and ran the tool.

    This pretty much looks for the exploit on the phone to be able to push the busybox and superuser app on there. If you read through the batch file, it's pretty much just running those same adb commands that the original post says to do.

    This root method works. I've been running it for a few days now and I haven't had any issues.
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  8. quixotic1

    quixotic1 Member

    Hey webguy82,

    Awesome... thank you again for another complete reply. You've definitely given me the comfort level and confidence to go ahead and try this out... and thanks for answering my remaining questions, too!

    I will probably try this out tomorrow afternoon (10/27)... I'll post back and let you (and anyone else) know how things turned out for me.

    I'm so excited to finally have some root on this phone! I don't care about running mod roms or anything... but to be able to run some of those apps that require root will be awfully nice. Finally!

    Thanks again for all your help and careful responses! Greatly appreciated!

  9. kingrc1977

    kingrc1977 New Member

    Can some please post How to Root the Exzibit 4G on YOUTUBE or explain it in Laymans terms.This is my first android phone.It would be greatly apprechiated>
  10. quixotic1

    quixotic1 Member


    I'm definitely a newb with rooting an Android phone, myself. To be honest, though, I think that webguy82, in conjunction with his links to the downloads and his explanations, along with the explanations at the site which hosts those downloads, and his answers to my follow-up questions, does a spectacular job of simplifying all this rooting 'stuff' to laymans terms - or as close as one can get with this sort of thing.

    I didn't get a chance to root my phone today using this zergRush method - my day just got away from me. But, I will try to do it tomorrow (Friday).... and if not then, then by the end of the weekend. As I go through every step that I do, I will create a step by step for you (for everyone). I used to do some simple technical writing and software manual writing and editing (some years ago now) - but I think I can produce a step by step for you that should be about as newbie-proof as possible. Assuming, that is, that it all actually works for me... If I fail, there's no point in trying to write it up, you know?

    But, I'm pretty convinced that it will work. From the confidence webguy82 has given me, and the extensive reading on the xda developers site where all webguy82's links go to, I'm pretty confident that I have at least a cursory understanding of what is occurring, how to do it, and therefore, how to describe it without it getting too difficult to understand.

    I will not make a video. I've never done that, and I just dont have the patience for it. If I can, however, I'll make screen shots for you at critical steps.

    But, this is gonna take some time. And it isn't my number one item on my list of things to do. I will try to successfully get root before the end of the weekend at the latest... but it could take several more days to clean up a good faq for you. Considering many of us have been waiting since June or July for root on this phone, I think we can all wait a few more days, right?

    And, if you manage to get root on your own before I get it written up... or if someone else decides to take on the task, please post here about it, so that I don't waste my time creating a clean, edited, and documented how-to. I don't have the physical ability to waste my efforts like that. (I'm disabled, and have only a short time I can spend at the computer on any given day.) But, I'm willing to do my fair share of helping, as others have done more than theirs to help me.


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  11. quixotic1

    quixotic1 Member


    I've done the root using the process described here... and while I'm not positive, I think there may be some deficiencies with the batch file. I do have root. But, I don't think everything is working just right. Whichis a bummer, 'cause I don't have the knowledge yet to know what I need to fix. I have a friend who knows rooting well, and I'll talk to him tomorrow... so hopefully I'll get that straightened out.

    I did find sort of what you are looking for... a how-to. Try this link and follow the Newbie instructions. Download the pdf file and follow it to the 't'. Think you'll be ok. You will need to run 7-zip in order to unzip the file though. I had to go download and install it... easy enough. Just google it.

    Here's the link:

    [HOW-TO] Root Xperia PLAY (& many more phones) v2.2+ (zergRush Method) - xda-developers

    There's still some things in this pdf that I would 'fix' it it were up to me... and some things I'd change, but, I think it should bring you smiles.

    First, I'd go through the whole document, and download all the stuff that he tells you to download. He gives you links. Make sure you go through the whole document, step by step and try to understand what each step is doing. Then, go ahead and start after you're comfortable that you're ready.

    You will need to do two things that aren't clear from the pdf at the beginning. First, you need the USB drivers for the SGH-t759 (Exhibit 4g). I suppose you can use the link that is provided by webguy82 in reply #5 of this thread. Install them. I, instead, installed Samsung Kies, hoping that I might be able to make a backup of things from my phone before I started... but no joy. Says Kies doesn't work for this phone. Think that's wrong. But, it installed more current drivers than the link from webguy. It probably doesn't matter, though. And, a cursory comparison of the old and newer drivers didn't find significant differences. So, probably easier to just install the 'tether' drivers.

    Then... and I'm not sure if this in the pdf or not... make sure you go on your phone to menu-settings-applications-development and check USB Debugging. That's a must do.

    You can then connect to your computer via your USB cable and start the process in the pdf.

    When you finish the process, and you exit from the command line... and your phone has been rebooted... wait for it to completely boot... then unplug from your computer and go and uncheck the USB Debugging.

    You should be good to go.

    I downloaded a free program from the market called Root Check... Install that, click the Verify Root Access button... Then the SuperUser app will popup, and before the countdown reaches 0, click Allow. You should be all happy.

    All for now. Let me know if you have further questions. I'll check back here Saturday morning and late Saturday evening. And, maybe later tonight, too. Depends how I'm feeling.

    Good luck.

  12. nocturnalmike

    nocturnalmike New Member

    im the maker of the zergrush one click rar file thats on xda. if anyones having trouble running it please feel free to shoot me a message. so far its been a flawless method.

    thanks-mike :D
  13. mjmaddog

    mjmaddog Member

    cant get overclock past 100000 user difine ....any ideas??
  14. tatabox

    tatabox New Member

    Do the instructions and files above work for the exhibit II 4g?
  15. brownqat

    brownqat New Member

    How come when I try to install the Samsung Android USB software, it says to uninstall the driver first? What does that mean? And how do I do it? I have windows 7... Please help me.. Thanks.
  16. mjmaddog

    mjmaddog Member

    Uninstall older drivers then reinstall....i had to do the same
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  17. brownqat

    brownqat New Member

    I have successfully root the samsung exhibit 4g, but now I would like to unroot it. Can someone please show me how to safely unroot my phone? I used the Zerg Rush root file to do it.
  18. mjmaddog

    mjmaddog Member

    search "unroot" on the market....but why unroot??
  19. janihenn

    janihenn New Member

    Dang, aren't there any MAC users who write rooting software to use your MAC instead of a PC. After all, MAC > PC. It's so frustrating! Sorry guys, I didn't put that angry-looking face on there. This site did it all by itself!
  20. janihenn

    janihenn New Member

    I have everything ready to go; the drivers downloaded and unzipped, the rar file extracted, and my phone connected and mounted as a storage device on my MAC.

    Here's the issue. When I try running the batch file on my MAC, get this message:

    "There is no application set to open the document &#8220;ZergRushTempRoot.bat&#8221;."

    What application do I need to run this bat. file on a MAC? I'm using OS X 10.6.8 -- just purchased it this year so it's new and has the latest OS.

    Thank you!!!!

    UPDATE -- well, I searched .bat files on google and found out that I need a Windows or DOS-based PC to run it. So, I'm installing VirtualBox on my MAC and will see if I can get XP installed then I should be able to root this cell phone!!
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  21. Frihet

    Frihet Member

    I am about to try this, but my motivation is to kill CIQ. As this is not a ROM, will I gain anything with respect to killing CIQ?

  22. klrosenfeld

    klrosenfeld New Member

    I and super new to rooting and i have been reading about this method using a PC, I am using my MAC....and i get stuck at the point of trying to run the .bat file after i unzip the file i downloaded off this computer says there is no set application to open/run that file...

    Has anyone ever rooted their Exhibit II using a MAC?
  23. cpljensen

    cpljensen New Member

    I cant figure out how to work the program.
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  24. animaInTn

    animaInTn New Member

    I am not new to rooting, but this one has me stumped. I've got the SDK, adb, drivers are showing when the phone plugs up, but zerg says it can't chmod. TMobile programs are driving me NUTS guys, please please help me.
  25. icepick74

    icepick74 Member

    same problem I am having anima .. the problem is we both (i know i do) have the newer revision of this phone.. and zergrush hasnt wrote a new program updatefor us newer revision folks yet .. If you go into your phone info, it will tell the revision.. for instance if it IS indeed the newer one, it will say

    Baseband version: T679UVLE1
    Android version: 2.3.6
    Kernel version: se.infra@SEI-28 #3
    Build number: GINGERBREAD.UVLE1

    the important part to note is the T679UVLE1 part ..

    If you find anything please be sure to share ... As the only way I found was on the xda forums, and it looked way too complicated, and I didnt understand all the jargon enough to even think of attempting it and screw up my phone...

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