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  1. isis67

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    I have a G2 for 2 yrs, lately its acting up on the web, since I have a monthly plan, after 100mb it goes to 2G..and even with a lot of towers in my area & using wifi from my cable company, it stops! When on 2G or wifi it just looses connection.

    I have to reboot alot. Frustrating., I love the G2 & what it does, I dont need anything fancy, just a cell that will have better internet speed. IDK why its been ding this the past month. Should I switch to another cell? If so, which one? Or, is it just my phone & get another G2?

    Thank you:dontknow:

  2. mishalikecray

    mishalikecray New Member

    oh i love G2 but its too damn expensive here. i just settled for android cloudfone ice+turbo. well, the fone is quite economical and powerful too. but next time you buy a new phone i would urge you to check or read some reviews first. good luck!
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  3. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Have you ever reset the phone? Doing so probably might fix the problem.

    If the problem persist, you might wanna get the phone checked out by a technician or get a replacement.

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  4. isis67

    isis67 Member

    I did reset it & its on 4G now. But still running on 2G. I do believe its the monthly plan. UGH! Also the wi-fi is connecting fast now. Thank you!!!!

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