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So does anybody else have issues with podcast?Support

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  1. dinhatime

    dinhatime New Member

    Hi new here and mainly made an account to ask this one question. So I switched from ios to android with the DNA and the main thing that is not working for me is the podcast, ios podcast were so easy. I have tried every app from beyond podcast to one cast, and much more. None of them have worked, beyond was the closet as it allowed me to download a podcast but it wont play from either stream or download. What I want is to have an ios podcast experience. I want to be able to easily subscribe to podcast, download them and set a sleep timer. My main podcast is the rooster teeth podcast, and please help me find a solution that works on this particular phone. Thank you for the time in reading this and helping me.

  2. gbgguy

    gbgguy Member

    I use Stitcher exclusively for all of my podcasts and I love it. All though I did a search for your rooster teeth podcast and didn't find anything.

    I noticed on ios, Stitcher added offline listening as well, so hopefully that feature will be coming to Android too. Sorry I couldnt help you out.

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