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  1. kevbaldry

    kevbaldry New Member

    Bought a k zoom last week - ordered on 27th, finally arrived 3rd June :(

    All fired up alright but then the 32GB SD card that I've been using in my S4 refused to work in the Zoom. Had another, smaller 16GB, SD card and that seems to be okay.

    After less than a day, when switching on the camera, the lens pops out; then retracts and a message appears telling me that the camera is unable to zoom.

    I though that it might be a low battery (<20%) but after a charge, it is now over 50% and still no zoom.

    I've emailed Samsung but I'm reluctant to have to send it back and wait, probably, another week or so for it to return. If they can't offer a fix without me having to send it back, I'll have to go for a refund and either...

    1) Buy a k Zoom from a real shop or
    2) Look at a different phone / maker.

    Not a happy bunny :(

  2. kevbaldry

    kevbaldry New Member


    I'm returning the said k Zoom.

    I don't believe that Samsung can fix it without me sending it back and waiting for it's return.

    It's going back for a refund then I'll wait a while to see if this is going to be a common problem before trying another.

    Oh, well, where did I put that S4 ?
  3. thankGOD

    thankGOD New Member

    I am sorry about your experience with the K Zoom.

    Based on my positive experience and those around, I believe it is just one of those few technical fault, and having issues with it after less than a day qualifies it for a factory fault. with the fault description it is most likely hardware fault, which means it cannot be fixed remotely, sorry you have to send it back.

    The good thing about the device for me is the exclusivity that i have been enjoying... smiles
    I don't see it with everyone around and i have a lot of admirers (Samsung might not appreciate that perspective tho... lol)
    Don't hesitate to repeat buy or consider the improved zoom (whenever it is to come). cheers
  4. kikkik

    kikkik New Member

    Mine is completely fine. I works everytime. Maybe 4-5 launching fails in the since I got it in July 2014. Even though I sometimes open it in my pocket an made the camera, popping out, stop. It still works perfectly fine.
    And it is an overall very good performance phone.
    I wish other brands could make phones with a camera that good.
    Sorry for my bad english

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