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So far so goodGeneral

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  1. rp076

    rp076 Member

    Just got this phone in today for my son & must say so far so good. Its pretty quick n smooth for stock. Even decent download speeds for 3G, better than my rooted & rom'd NS4G lol Now for some root love to see how it really performs & some 4G LTE love later this year... :D

  2. nakmario

    nakmario Member

    I've got JuiceDefender keeping my phone alive for the 18-24 hours i need it (normal non-gaming usage).

    But yeah, with LauncherPro, i'm liking my Viper too.
  3. wa1pjg

    wa1pjg Member

    I really like mine...I can get 1080 p video with it on my youtube app.
  4. wa1pjg

    wa1pjg Member

    I love mine!
  5. wa1pjg

    wa1pjg Member

    Its a wonderful smartphone....I really like it a lot! I have had a chance to use it ! I got it on June 15 from Sprint!
  6. OldRoman

    OldRoman Well-Known Member

    Just got mine today. Sprint has not offically turned on LTE here in Wichita, KS yet. But I tried turning on my LTE on the phone and guess what? I had LTE!!! I ran a Speed Test to see how fast it was. I got 13.95 Mbps Down and 9.4 Mbps Up. And where I was according the Sensorly app was on the edge of a active/test LTE area. I can't wait till it gets OFFICALLY turned on.:D
  7. n0ve

    n0ve Well-Known Member

    So jealous, freakin KS has lte lol, im in NY, and i have yet to see even regular 4g signal, let alone LTE....(upstate NY but not too far...90 min from NYC)...yet KANSAS gets it, lol!, nice
  8. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Well-Known Member

    I was going to wait until 4G hit my town before I traded in my Optimus, but I just checked the Sprint site and it says I can get this one for fifty bucks and another two years. Can I presume it can do both 3G and 4G adquately?

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