So frustrated with Gmail sync issue

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  1. maw4bc

    maw4bc Well-Known Member

    So annoyed by the inconsistency of the syncing of gmail. I want it pushed and it will work sometimes perfectly and other times and just flat out doesnt work unless refreshed. I also have an iPhone and it ALWAYS gets the email before my EVO.

    Anyone know if this is something they are working on between HTC/Gmail??

  2. pwnst*r

    pwnst*r Well-Known Member

    using the gmail app or the htc app or both?
  3. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    I use the gmail app and am not getting notifications at all anymore. I'll have to mess with my settings just in case, but I checked them before and they say to notify me for every email.
  4. maw4bc

    maw4bc Well-Known Member

    Using gmail app

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