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    Aug 13, 2012
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    For those of you who didnt read my thread in the bionic section, I'm legally blind and REALLY missing the 'zoom mode' that was last on GB 2.3.4, I have the latest zoom mode files (zoomservice.apk and .odex), but from what I understand system files need to be put into the 'system' folder which can't be accessed without being rooted. Is there anyway to push these files into the 'system' folder without rooting? as I cant find a reliable source for information on rooting the S3 without the possibility of bricking it.
    Any help with getting the files in there or rooting would be greatly appreciated as this thing is killing my eyes trying to strain to see the small fonts (everything the 'huge font' function doesnt enlarge.
    Thanks in advance,

    Running GS3 International, JB 4.1, VZW network


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