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So, i have no launcherSupport

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  1. JacobXScum

    JacobXScum New Member

    I recently acquired a Samsung Infuse.

    Well, i made some poor decisions in the order of rooting and installing and uninstalling software, and i ended up with no launcher. No big deal, just use recovery and install it via update, right? Well, i didn't have clockwork mod or any other recovery installed before this happened and the samsung recovery won't recognize the update.zip file. So, now i have a phone that loads up but won't do anything. Is there any way i can possibly force a new launcher onto the phone via USB cable? Mind you i have NO access to the phone, outside of the samsung recovery. Is there anything i can do?

  2. tyler79durdan

    tyler79durdan Well-Known Member

    Odin a factory image,,, use google to search for answers.

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