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    Jan 24, 2011
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    About the issue with my 4G service staying on EV-Do Rev. 0, and not being able to surf the web through my phone.

    So my phone has been acting wonky for the past two days, and I thought they capped my service but it shows 0% on the usage, Went through the motions, did a hard reset, and even reprogrammed the phone, still no dice...well the internet works again.

    EV be trolling me.

    Well, they told me to give them a week to see they can resolve my issue, and they gave me a service ticket to call in when I do next week(hopefully I won't have to be a week without 4G on a 4G enabled phone) I'm on the Grandfathered $60 Rhapsody Unlimited Plan, if you are wondering.

    If they can't fix it, I'll just downgrade to one of the cheaper plans or just go the basic flip-phone route...but that would suck.


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