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So I rooted my phone

  1. Saha91

    Saha91 Member

    What now? I'm a noob, so I will ask nooby questions.

    I sure want to remove bloats and stuff, any easy way to do that?

    And what other "must-do" stuff is there to do? Performance boost? How? What are ROMS?

    Maybe you can direct me to a noob-friendly guide or something?

    thx :D

  2. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    Use xda developer.

    As for bloatware, whatever you do, do not remove Google talk. Screws up the android market. It's a known problem.

    Performance boost wise, you can use juice defender to prolong battery life. As for ROMS, unless if you really hate the stock rom, there's no reason to flash a new one.
  3. psychocandy

    psychocandy Well-Known Member

    I've rooted mine. Where do I delete stuff from? (and what?)
  4. character

    character New Member

    also a noob... why do I need to Root my phone>>>

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