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So I updated to 2.2....

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  1. MetaX

    MetaX Active Member

    And I love it :D

    A LOT of improvements, usability wise, can move around icons so they aren't alphabetical, move home screens around with ease, added world clock, smart alarm, and soo much more I love love love it!!!!

    ONLY one thing I HATE.

    And I need help fixing is - my text messages are now bubble mode like the iphone which I absolutely hate :( I got this phone because it didn't have that bubble mode..and the text size on everything is increased by like 2 or 3 points x-x

    but other than that I LOOOVE THE NEW ANDROID 2.2 omg

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  2. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Currently no "fix" except to try hancent or chompsms from the market.
  3. hydralisk

    hydralisk Well-Known Member

    I will try and hold off from upgrading as long as possible to avoid losing the current messaging app. I love it. I don't want generic ugly bubble chat... .:(
  4. Stoney62

    Stoney62 Well-Known Member

    And Hancent is the original bubble head. Thanks for trying to help me Kelmar--Just couldn't do anything with it.
    The only problem I had with my upgrade was the GPS wouldn't work whatsoever so I went back to stock and did an Odin upgrade which has my GPS working perfectly now. YAHOO!!!!! Now all I have to do is figure out how to make voice dialed calls on my bluetooth headset.
  5. Stoney62

    Stoney62 Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry, but that is about the strangest thing I've seen in these forums for a long time. I too hate the bubbles, but I sure as hell wouldn't do without the upgrade because of it.
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  6. dawankler

    dawankler Well-Known Member

    I agree. The great thing about Android is that you're not stuck with ANY of the UI changes. If you don't like the stock UI, change it with an applications. It shouldn't keep you from upgrading.

    And Handcent might be the original bubble-head, but they do have the "Android" style that's pretty much the old Android conversation style as well.
  7. Dulanic

    Dulanic Member

    I second this. I use handcent myself, much prefer it to the stock messaging app. The one downside is even after turning notifications off on the stock app you will get both hancent AND stock mms app notifications. You need to turn off "auto retreive" incoming on the stock app.
  8. gme109

    gme109 Well-Known Member

  9. MetaX

    MetaX Active Member

    Hey so I have a question..
    Does anyone know how to change the incoming call answer screen to the default style?

    all my friends galaxy S on different carriers has the incoming call screen look WAY nicer than Epic...??
  10. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Well-Known Member

    They will likely have the same screen once upgraded.
  11. baa269

    baa269 Well-Known Member

    my battery dies 2x as fast now as before.
  12. Keybeeetsss

    Keybeeetsss Well-Known Member

    Probly because ur playing with the phone since the update more; its common; my Battery seems to be the same which was really good @ 1st...
  13. fernandofmarte

    fernandofmarte New Member

    I updated, but I went back to 2.1. The GPS wasn't working, and now it's still not. Also, my accelerometer isn't working much either. Anyone else have these issues? Anyone know of a fix?
  14. Stoney62

    Stoney62 Well-Known Member

    Since you haven't described how you updated in the first place, nor how you went back to 2.1 or even which version of 2.1 you went back to, it's impossible to know what happened.
  15. cruiser771

    cruiser771 Well-Known Member

    since being on 2.2, i decided not to use advanced task killer. so far, its been pretty flawless, no lag. on 2.1, there was noticeable lag, and killing apps was the only fix.
  16. you have to clear your cache and data...did this with my g/f's phone.
  17. al_mac04

    al_mac04 Member

    OK, im seeing that more than one person has the 2.2 upgrade... are you all upgrading by rooting or downloading OTA from sprint/smasung? I have had my epic since launch date, im NC and I have yet to get the 2.2 update... Im very interested in getting this upgrade, please fill me in. thanx
  18. Musclehead84

    Musclehead84 Well-Known Member

    Lol ^
  19. Keybeeetsss

    Keybeeetsss Well-Known Member

  20. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member


    so.. 2 questions for the new 2.2 EPICs

    1. For those that understand the GPS issue... did the 2.2 fix this issue?

    2. has anyone do the speed test? How did it compare to the EVO on 2.2?

  21. Keybeeetsss

    Keybeeetsss Well-Known Member

    ^^^I never did, & still don't hav a GPS issue^^^
  22. Epicurean

    Epicurean Well-Known Member

    1. The short answer is NO. More info in this thread (thanks to Aero1`)

    2. Not sure
  23. Herofreak

    Herofreak Active Member

    Hey is their anyway to go back to 2.1 if we have went to 2.2? I like 2.2 and all but I perfered 2.1 and would like to go back.
  24. Keybeeetsss

    Keybeeetsss Well-Known Member

    Jus search the forum... its all over the place...
  25. Rileyy-

    Rileyy- Well-Known Member

    I updated as well , my battery seems to die extremely fast . With 2.1 my battery can last all day while listening to music and watching movies . With the 2.2 ROM I can only listen to music and by the time I get home I'm around 10 percent .

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