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  1. Soundteq

    Soundteq Well-Known Member

    So I just ordered my ATT upgrade and with with the HTC Inspire. I'm pretty excited about it and I am thinking about rooting it. I've been lurking around these forums and the whole process doesn't seem TOO complicated, but it's still pretty intimidating what with the chance (however small it may be) of breaking your phone. I'm not too tech savvy when it comes to phones, so..

    But what I'm here to ask is what custom ROM do you guys would best fit me? Here's the stuff I'm looking to primarily use my phone for and some things that I probably wont mess with.

    High priority:

    - Gaming. I definitely wanna be able to run my GBA emulator. If possible I'd really like to look into the PSX emulator. I know those can be a bit dodgy but all I plan to play are things like RPGs so a few frame skips or lag won't kill the entire experience, and I'd love to replay some of my PS1 games.

    - Web browsing. I'm looking for a ROM that can offer smooth webbrowsing fairly easily. I have a Backflip right now and browsing can be so laggy I just get fed up with it.

    - UI. One of the things I look forward to the most is being able to change how my phone looks. I would prefer the sleekest looking reasonably stable ROM.

    - Video format support. The more formats supported the better. Do these even change from ROM to ROM though? I've never heard it mentioned.

    Medium Priority:

    - Battery life. It doesn't have to stay alive for days or anything. Obviously I don't want a ROM that drastically decreases battery lifespan, but if a ROM offers a lifespan similar to the stock ROM that's fine with me.

    - Call quality. I heard that a lot of ROMs have a tad bit of static over the calls (this was posted like a year ago, it may be different now). I don't want a ROM with too much noise always goin' on, but I don't mind a little.

    - Download speed. I'm not sure how much custom ROMs affect this but I'm guessing it can play a significant role in the speed of your downloads. I don't usually download things that are very big, so I really just need enough speed to browse the web well as aforementioned. If it downloads apps or video in less time than other builds though I don't mind.

    Low Priority:

    - Bluetooth. I've had my backflip for 2 years and I don't believe I've used bluetooth a single time. I doubt there are many ROMs that don't support bluetooth, and I would prefer to have the option available, but it doesn't have to be great.

  2. gnosisjunky

    gnosisjunky Well-Known Member

    <--if you want to run any kind of emulator I highly recommend cyanogenmod. The playstation emulator are a waist of time. N64 snes and nes emulators are really good tho. They also play nice when using a wiimote. A sense Rom will not play nicewith any of this.
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  3. Soundteq

    Soundteq Well-Known Member

    Really? I'd heard the PS emulators were ahead of the N64 emulators. I was actually not a huge N64 fan (pauses for gasps), but I'll likely check it out because it had some fun games.

    A Sense rom won't cooperate well you say? I've heard about the whole Sense thing and I've played with it on my friends phone a very little bit. Seems interesting to figure out but if it's not going to work with my gaming wants then I'm not even going to bother getting to know it. I'd rather not get at all attached to it only to have to give it up haha. Thanks for that heads up, I appreciate it a lot!

    So I've been reading around all day on this forum and the XDAdev forum. I took a look at the "post your screenshots" threads because getting a good sleek look is really important to me and I wanted to see what other people were doing. I've looked through tons and tons of pages of screenshots, but two really caught my eye and I was wondering if there was any word on these two setups?

    That Prevailed guy seems on top of his stuff haha. Anyway there are some things about these I REALLY like. In the first photo I like the dock set up how it's >> fbk, ppl, ect... I would really like to have this same dock. However in the second picture at the top it has the Mon Tue Wed Thu ect.. with the current day highlighted. I also really love this and would like to have it.

    Any word on what these themes are and if there's a way to have both of the features I mentioned? Major thanks to any help
  4. gnosisjunky

    gnosisjunky Well-Known Member

    You will probably be flashing all kinds of different roms when you get into it. There are plenty of flavors to choose from. You can have backups of three or four roms if you want. Any rom you choose is going to play games that you can get from the market and other places.


    There is a ton of development on this device..have fun :)
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  5. Mehta23

    Mehta23 Well-Known Member

    I think that's done using minimalistic widget off Google Play.
    Mabye even desktop visualizer.
    Not sure how you get it to work though.
    I would also recomend CM as a rom.

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