So Is Anyone Working On A Custom ROM For The Transfix?

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  1. mort_subite

    mort_subite Member

    It seems most other Cricket phones have optimised ROMs within a few weeks of their release. At the moment most people barely have this phone rooted, and I'm curious to know if anyones working on digging around in it, seeing as how the source code was released. This is one of the more powerful and fully featured Cricket android phones. It'd be a shame to see it wallow around un-optimised.

  2. wwyyzzaarrdd

    wwyyzzaarrdd Member

    yeah, i feel you there man, ive been waiting for a rom for a hoping there working on something, cause i would love to see something custom on this phone
  3. wingnut2626

    wingnut2626 Active Member

    I actually have a rooted Samsung transfix collecting dust at home. When I get there ill dig it up and post how I did it.... only thing is that I am a Linux user so I rooted it from z shell.....
  4. mort_subite

    mort_subite Member

    I actually have root access to the phone, but I'd like custom recovery and an optimised ROM. The phone has some decent hardware and power to it (for an entry level device) and it's a shame it's wasted on all the useless bloatware it came with and this idiotic "DRM protected content" thing.

    If I knew what I was doing, I'd write my own ROM for it, but I can't. With any luck someone gives this guy some love. It's a good phone.
  5. smokinjoe2122

    smokinjoe2122 Well-Known Member

    I think the biggest problem right now is there is no custom recovery for it yet. I looked at how to create one, and it's baffling, especially for samsung devices. If this was a test phone, id be more than happy to try, but since it's the only phone I have, and I have non-deep pockets, I'm worried about futzing around with it too much.

    I was scared to root it (since no stock ROM is available anywhere), which I eventually did, set the kernel at performance, and get 1800 on the antutu score. If this thing had CM7, a custom kernel, or even a custom-stockish rom, it would fly.
  6. benslgdroid

    benslgdroid rockstar

    moved to the root section so they can better help you.
  7. Lilg37

    Lilg37 Well-Known Member

    My phone is done for, the recovery I tried to port worked well and once I flashed the Rom I rebuilt after my first fuxk up, it won't power on and cricket won't give me a new one bc I no longer have service with them so I'm sorry fellas, my production has come to an end and to those who phones were temp bricked I apologize and hope they were fixed by cricket
  8. smokinjoe2122

    smokinjoe2122 Well-Known Member

    Hey lilg, when you get some time, can you post a link or instructions for the recovery?
  9. mort_subite

    mort_subite Member

    Also bumping for recovery port.

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