So long Desire folk!

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  1. deanshep85

    deanshep85 Well-Known Member

    Alas fellow Desire owners for I am no longer one of you...few weeks ago I finally parted company with my Desire for pastures greener..

    first a Galaxy S2...then traded up for an S3 and my god! what a difference between the S3 and the 2 year old Desire...though that goes without saying just shows how much forgiveness I had given the extremely laggy (in comparison) Desire in the last like 6 months.

    It had served me...same goes for you guys here especially the rooters and modders! You guys have been excellent and not since the Nokia 5800 have I seen such a devoted bunch of developers go at a device like you all did with the Desire. You were always there to lend a hand to a new rooter, helping if they had bricked and you guys have helped me time and time again..

    So thanks guys...I'm off to the S3 forum now..:D

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  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    There's so many of us over there that it must be pretty much the new Desire forum by now :)

    Enjoy it mate :)
  3. deanshep85

    deanshep85 Well-Known Member

    haha yea, I've seen Dan cropping up on a few posts over there..

    I haven't been here for quite a while least actively due to the nature of my sort of dying at the time Desire...but now with the S3...well...could give the Root forums a quick glance harm ever came of a quick look ;);)
  4. SiempreTuna

    SiempreTuna Well-Known Member

    I just ugraded from a Desire to a Nexus 4 - the difference is pretty amazing, but then I guess the Desire was effectively the original Nexus so it is a jump of 4 versions!

    The thing that impresses me most is t'interweb - there I was blaming T-Mob for the grindingly slow page access when all along it was the phone. On the N4 it's amazingly fast. 500MB of memory was never really enough, was it?
  5. MattJim

    MattJim Member

    My contract runs out in about 3 weeks, I think I'm going for the S3.

    I've had a play with the Iphone 4s and I honestly don't like it :s

    Same with the new windows HTC, my first question was "can I put a photo on my homescreen" and the answer was NO.

    I've learnt so so much from the Desire forum and I'll be really sad to leave :(

    Thanks :(
  6. spile

    spile Well-Known Member

    Me too - it should be delivered tomorrow

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