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  1. iamjim

    iamjim New Member

    Well, the 'rumored' March release of the Motoroi on US T-Mobile has come and gone with 'nary a whisper. Too bad, I would have snatched one up right away.

    Odd how the Motoroi seems to have disappeared of the radar altogether. They don't seem to be available anywhere (other than the SK telco's of course, which does not help me at all).

    Seems like an awesome phone, I wonder what the problem is.

  2. c19932

    c19932 Member

    I have the Motoroi XT701, the one designed for the chinese market.

    specs are here:
    MOTODEV > Products > MOTO XT701

    If you are interested, pm me or something
  3. Noose475

    Noose475 Member

    i have a motoroi. live out here in s. korea. phones awesome. pic's are at 8 megapixels and a camcorder is even better. thought it would have been released out in the states. a little shocked it hasn't yet.

    truth be told,,,this is only my own personal thought. motoroi sales here don't seem to be very high. i haven't really seen anyone out here using the motoroi however i've seen plenty of iphones. wonder why that is. anyway,,,i'm very happy with it.
  4. belew

    belew New Member

    At least six people at work have them... never seen so many people pick the same phone in korea...

    SK is giving them out free with a 2 year contract now....
  5. Noose475

    Noose475 Member


    that's good to hear,,,,would you know anything about rooting and overclocking the motoroi? or any info that might help
  6. belew

    belew New Member

    No one has successfully rooted or anything else...

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