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So my wife got the intercept.General

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  1. eclsnowman

    eclsnowman Active Member

    It is a little disappointing, but not a bad phone.

    Major Points.

    - Multitouch (I was wrong, I had heard it would be resistive)
    - 800mhz, seams snappy especially with Launcher Pro Installed
    - Keyboard, a lot faster than my droid for typing.
    - Optical direction pad, nice for a few apps and games.
    - wifi / bluetooth / silence / airplane hotkeys tied to top of notification curtain... I love this feature.

    - 240 x 400 resolution (exact same screen as old Sammy Omnia, it's not terrible but ppi is a little rough)
    - soft touch buttons suck hard. I might even return because of this. a Non-functional/buggy home button is a real problem on android.
    - no 3d hardware, hence no 3d photo gallery, and no 3d games :(

  2. Zardos

    Zardos Well-Known Member

    Looks like a good Android based Feature phone.

    Great for the value minded. I was also dissapointed with EV-DO 0 on it though.
  3. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Well-Known Member

    I kind of feel bad that she didn't get the Herobor even the Moment over that phone. It seems IOWA found a way to prevent the radio from locking out all the time by underclocking the CPU by a measely 100mh/z. If you were willing to root it and do that, its probably the better phone.
  4. lgmayka

    lgmayka Active Member

    I noticed the lack of soft-key responsiveness in the store, but assumed it was a problem only with that unit. However, someone else illustrated it in a YouTube video, and your account is a third case. Not good.

    Is Sprint TV watchable? Is YouTube watchable in high-quality mode? Have you tried uploading a video to a Facebook or YouTube account? (The uplink on rev 0 is essentially the same as 1xRTT--i.e., 2G rather than 3G.)
  5. eclsnowman

    eclsnowman Active Member

    We replaced the phone with a new intercept, now soft touch buttons work good. I have also read about this issue online. I think samsung has a lot of returns heading thier way.

    After speaking with a family member who works at samsung (this is where my wife got the phone) the intercept is the reason the moment will not get 2.2.

    The moment's build costs were to high at the $100 mark ($50 for upcomming holiday pricing)... but samsung still needed a budget phone to catch all the buyers that wouldn't pony up for the galaxy. So the Intercept was born. Only problem is they needed to kill of the moment or people would buy that instead.

    What a bummer. The intercept is an OK phone, but I know it will not get the same DEV community the moment did.
  6. lgmayka

    lgmayka Active Member

    Since you have an insider...Is Samsung seriously planning to release 2.2 for the Intercept, even without Flash support?
    This is rather similar to the two-track (low- and high-end) strategy I mentioned earlier:
    1) Cheap phones with EVDO rev 0 and low-resolution screens
    2) Phones with rev A and high-resolution screens, but requiring the $10/month surcharge.

    Unfortunately, we are losing the middle ground of a phone like the Moment--which originally sold for $179, but without any $10/month surcharge.
  7. eclsnowman

    eclsnowman Active Member

    2.2 on intercept is already in the works. But release of it could be a long time ... like end of 2010.

    A side note, I installed estrong file explorer and task manager... and the home button issues came back. uninstalled them and and problem went away, reinstalled.. and problems came back. Maybe it was software conflicts after all.

    My wife doesn't notice the poor PPI on the screen, but after owning a Moto Droid this screen really irks me, and why wqvga anyway. They had to be leftovers from the omnia line because seriously no uses this screen. Many of the apps have bad formating issues. Even the G1 has a better screen for gods sake.
  8. lgmayka

    lgmayka Active Member

    I think you mean that some of the apps (including ones pre-installed on the Intercept?) do not display well on the low-resolution 240x400 screen.

    If so, this would at least help someone who wants to return his Intercept but is being told he will have to pay a "restocking fee." Could you give one or two examples?
  9. vbetts

    vbetts Well-Known Member

    The funny thing is the Intercept is going to be the major contributing factor to the Moment getting 2.2.
  10. Work is offering Intercept if I want in exchange it for my Blackberry Tour.
    Only thing I really use my work phone is for email and blackberrys email system is good. Tough choice though I'll miss blackberry messenger and when I think about the Intercept the only good thing I can say about it is that its an android. I also have a rooted G1 as my personal device all ready.
    I dunno I have til friday and will keep reading up on reviews for it til then.
  11. vbetts

    vbetts Well-Known Member

    If you have your phone for emails, keep the blackberry. The g1 is probably a better android phone compared to the Intercept anyways.

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