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So now HTC has 1.2 Ghz Dual Core Processors? Why'd they skimp on our TB?General

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  1. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    Ok I know the TB was thought up a while ago, but someone in HTC development had to be aware that a chip like the one going in this new EVO 3D, and the even newer getting announced today HTC sensation with a 1.2 Ghz processor would be available! So why still make a super phone like the TB with a single core? All while they definitely knew about Motorola's plans for the Tegra 2 chips going in the Atrix and Bionic. My question is just why not maybe hold out and try and get this chip in the TB and really make it a superphone that'll atleast stand the test of time for the better part of the whole year. I'll tell you why, because in 6months HTC will be pushing a newer version phone, similar to the TB in size, but rocking a 2011ish Dual Core, and most likely have a QHD display on board as well. Seriously that's just uncool, because I can see something like this coming in Aug/Sept.

    This is the problem with Android, and these phone manufacturers. They need to relax with the amount of phones being pushed out, this is crazy. When the HTC sensation drops, it'll make my beloved TB look like a cabbage patch doll from the 80's. I understand evolution and change in technology. But right now its really starting to show how much these companies are trying to take advantage of us, the customers. Everyone hates Apples way of running things, but atleast they only put out one phone a year to they're loyal following. Then look at us, a new phone every few weeks that blows the last one away...like I said...getting very uncool.

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  2. odiej34

    odiej34 Well-Known Member

    :rolleyes: You had to know something better was coming, didn't you?.... Not trying to flame BUT if you're not cool with NEWER and BETTER phones coming out 3-6 months after your purchase, the Android platform might not be for you.
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  3. Wargazm

    Wargazm Well-Known Member

    No, I don't really think you do.
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  4. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!! VIP Member

    Easy guys...sean76 has a valid point.

    The comparison with the iPhone is flawed though because Apple has a huge following that will buy the phone they release every year regardless of what is actually under the hood. Android owners are much less brand loyal. Hell, I've owned Android devices made by 6 different manufacturers.

    That is part of why HTC released the Thunderbolt without a dual core. There is a lot of oneupmanship going on within the Android platform. This is a good thing but also a bad thing.

    The good: We constantly have improved devices coming out and we have a lot of comparison shopping we can do within the same OS.

    The bad: The manufacturers release updated devices with smaller improvements because they are going to release 2-3 phones per year. They just want to be able to trump the best "current" phone. It's turned into a game of selling as many devices as possible within 3 months of the launch.

    At least that's my take on it.
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  5. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    hahahaha... Android right for me? The TB just came out 3 weeks ago...does Apple announce a newer better device every few weeks...NO they don't! Does Motorola even do it with Android, no they really don't. What I'm saying is if they had the know how, they could have added in more advanced 2011ish type specs in order to really play hard ball with the rest of the bunch.
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  6. jreed2560

    jreed2560 Well-Known Member

    and the point of your post is? to sound cool because you think you burned someone on the internet? :rolleyes:

    Something had to be the last phone with a single core. Sucks it had to be our phone, but don't sweat it. Did you sign a 1 yr or a 2 yr? Because on a 1 year we can upgrade in 10 months and make all these noobs with dual-core phones jealous when we're rocking quad-core phones. :D
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  7. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    I won't even dig into your comment because honestly there's no need for that type of talk in these forums. I get it pal, maybe you don't.
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  8. RobG5589

    RobG5589 Member

    There is always going to be something "better" on the horizon. Not unlike PC's back in the mid 90's. The difference with Apple is they make one phone. HTC has several models.
  9. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    Lol...yea he thought it would be cool for his BIG splash post! Water under the bridge, some just have to be the ones to try and start a food fight.
  10. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Rock...that's pretty much my take on it...its turning into a 3 month race to see who can one up the other guy. I just kinda see HTC even doing it right inside they're own company...crazy in my eyes... And like a true consumer I'll be out buying it in a few months...lmaoo
  11. Wargazm

    Wargazm Well-Known Member

    I don't really think he does. His complaint is based on a silly sense of entitlement: he feels that he is owed some arbitrary period of exclusivity on owning the best/fastest/biggest/whatever android phone.

    Why should HTC hold off on supplying dual core phones? Because the OP wants bragging rights for longer?

    The Thunderbolt isn't an obsolete device by any means. His assertion that it's now a cabbage patch doll is absolutely ridiculous. It's not like the Sensation will magically make the Thunderbolt stop working. We'll get Sense 3.0 too, and the video store, and whatever else.

    If we don't get those features even though our TBs are more than capable of running them, *then* OP can complain about planned obsolescence. Until then, though, it just smacks of silly entitled whining from a dude who either doesn't understand technology or doesn't understand the market forces that drive its development.
  12. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    You really need to go my man. How long have you been here? Whats the point of your post, that I don't get it. Ok seriously, I get it wise guy. You sound like a poster boy fan boy! You just got here and your already in danger of being viewed as a venom enriched trouble maker. It's not cool to down play your fellow members on these Forums. As for the phone, if your ok with rocking the TB for the next 2 years with a single core, that's absolutely fine with me, enjoy yourself. I have the funds to buy a new phone every week...lol. That is not the point, bragging rights is not the point. Cannibalism is the point. Releasing a new phone every 2/3 months is insane. Especially when the next one has all the things a 2011 type should! That's my point. Your post was uncool, it was directed hard at me...do I take offense? No I don't, I'll be here long after you leave my man. Either way, enjoy your day!
  13. thorthunderblt

    thorthunderblt Well-Known Member

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  14. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Yes, but the TB has older tech in it by about one year, so 2X the normal rate. The 8255/8655 is becoming the floor for chipsets and not premium devices (that is for dual core).

    Had this device released last year (sans the 4G, of course), the point about "newer tech always coming" would fit the normal premise. We can spin all we want, but VZW is becoming "also rans" for new device tech.

    Sadly, if the TB is a success, this will validate releasing older tech in devices, since VZW will get away with it and charge premium prices. Great for their margins and VZW thanks all who participate :)
  15. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!! VIP Member


    It's business...pure and simple. Verizon had a weaker lineup of phones than any other carrier so the Thunderbolt just had to beat the DX, D2G, and Fascinate. They aren't trying to beat out the Bionic because they will do that in the fall like you said.

    Sprint is a different animal because they already had the EVO. The Thunderbolt is an improvement over the EVO...but not enough of an improvement if the phones were on the same carrier.

    It's a game...but the key is understanding it and not getting on the "gotta have the newest device" train (or you'll go bankrupt :)). Like I've said in other posts, tell me what you can do with a dual core phone TODAY, that you can't do on the Thunderbolt. I'm not saying I wouldn't prefer a dual core processor...I just don't "need" it yet and honestly, you probably won't "need" a dual core processor for another 2-3 years.
  16. jcnyc

    jcnyc Well-Known Member

    I agree with this thread. I think the amount of phones being released by all the phone manufacturers is saturating the andriod brand. For the average simpleton of a cell phone user, the iphone looks mighty appealing because it is popular, well known by everyone no matter what phone you have and you know exactly what to expect. With android it is a complete 180. Every phone is mostly the same but there are minor differences still. The average person doesn't want to deal with researching every phone available only to realize that if they wait another month, they will have a better phone available to them.

    With that said, I realyl dont' think the Tbolt will be obsolete compared to these phones. Coming from the Atrix, the dual core was nice but really made little difference and the end of the day. Are we really running apps that REQUIRE the power of a dual core processor? It is a cell phone at the end of the day. I think the tbolt will last as at least another year before we can call it obsolete.
  17. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    The thunderbolt was revealed middle last year i think, you cant expect it to have dual core chip. If you didnt think HTC was going to have a dual core phone out or close to it you are naive.

    im with wargazm on this one. The TB suffered from a very long process of getting in on the LTE network i think, not from HTC lack of design for it.
  18. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    That seems a key point. The device got stuck in 4G network catch-up for about six months, hence the perception that for a premium flag device, it released with old tech. Based on tech cycles- the TB missed one cycle and is old tech by default.

    jcnyc has a valid point: Most people will not notice, unless playing game emulators or similar CPU intensive apps. The 8655 is sloooow compared to the Tegra 2 for those apps. 8655 also is less efficient with battery than dual cores. The new Snap dual is apparently even better with battery than the Tegra 2.
  19. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!! VIP Member

    I hear you...I do.

    But as a consumer, it is his right to feel a little ripped off. I don't...but he didn't spend my money, he spent his.

    But please everyone...no more bickering. If you don't agree with the way the OP feels, move along. I see his point though and there are going to be a lot of TB owners that are pissed off they don't have a 3D camera and screen when the EVO 3D launches.

    I'm going into a meeting...I don't want to come back to see this thread gone wild or infractions will be issued :cool:
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  20. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    My Mann! As I've said in numorous posts, I'm pretty content with my TB.. For now...lol.
    Your right though, dual core will be needed down the line for numerous things...as for right now, its not 100% needed. But it would deff help with battery consumption right now.
  21. Wargazm

    Wargazm Well-Known Member

    All right, I'll back off. Sorry if I annoyed anyone...I'm used to forums where people have thicker skin and the bar for acceptable comments is lower.

    I apologize for my first comment being rude. Overall I do think that the OP and others in this thread are demonstrating a lack of understanding of technology. For example:

    Just because the spec sheet says "1 GhZ, single core" doesn't mean the processor in the TB is the same one you could get a year ago. There are lots of things that processor manufacturers can do to the fundamental architecture to improve performance of a processor. The TB's proc is a new generation single-core processor that is much better than those that were released a year ago.

    That being said, the Pyramid will probably trounce it in benchmarks...that's just the way things go. But it doesn't make the TB obsolete, and it doesn't mean HTC is ripping everyone off.
  22. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    froyo is not optimized for dual core really, neither are the apps. Its not going to magically make your battery last hours longer
  23. Wargazm

    Wargazm Well-Known Member

    Battery drain on the TB is mostly due to the 4G radio, which the Sensation also has. There may also be differences in power consumption due to the way GSM and CDMA handle things (not very knowledgeable on that, though). Not to mention that the two phones will likely have different battery sizes.

    It's apples and oranges.
  24. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    Ok yes, that is a very valid point. Your point on the fact that 4G did slow it up is very much a good point. I saw spy shots of this phone as early as Oct/Nov of 2010....most of us thought it would be here either for the 2010 holiday season, or at the latest for the start of the new year. If that would have been the case, this thread would not exist. That's like being mad that a successor to the Fascinate is coming out soon! That would be fine. The Fascinate released in Sept of 2010, so a successor coming now is I guess ok with me. But not even a month later after the TB got pushed out are we seeing truly great specs coming from HTC. I'll agree on your it got stuck in the pipeline 4G release theory though. That's pretty valid. That other guys point wasn't though, I do get it ; )
  25. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    GSM typically has less battery drain due to the way the signal works compared to CDMA.
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