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  1. Droidex01

    Droidex01 Member

    My wonder wm8650 media is very slow it runs the game angry birds slow and sometimes lock up someone can help me. I do not know much about him but I know he has an 8 inch screen, and on the back it has the following words: model no.: PC-802 input power: 9v designed and made ​​in china F

  2. tannim

    tannim Active Member

    I do not know how to change region and language code. Brazillian is supported, ask on that website how to set correctly.

    WARNING - This will erase everything on tablet.
    -Using a Computer-
    Insert SD, miniSD, or MicroSD Card into a card reader
    Format card to Fat32
    Go to ->

    Download Uberoid from link
    Unzip file
    run changer.bat
    type 15 in Changer
    press enter
    yes to copy to SD card
    type drive letter for sd card
    press enter

    When copy finishes, Safely remove sdcard

    -On Tablet-
    Insert SD card into tablet
    Plug tablet in
    Turn on
    Wait for "Please remove SD" to show up
    remove SD card, wait for Uberoid to load
  3. r.meneses

    r.meneses New Member

    Good morning I bought an android on ebay and the reference is
    the model:. the C-802 put in power: 9v designed and maid in china.
    but it came with a broken screen does anyone know how or where to buy another TruCal
    sorry for the mistakes but I used the translator
  4. tannim

    tannim Active Member

    if it came broken, contact seller for refund or replacement.
  5. Droidex01

    Droidex01 Member

    you sure that this is my model
  6. tannim

    tannim Active Member

    since it lists your model specifically, yes.

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