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  1. DC1022

    DC1022 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys I've always hated this. I am not on a data plan, and whenever I turn my phone on or randomly every once in a while the stock weather app says weather service unavailable because I have no connection, this is fine i Don't want connection cause of not having a data plan. So I Kill the weather app but it just keeps coming back up to run, any ideas on how to keep it killed?

  2. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Do you still want to use the weather app? Because you could simply delete it from the system apps. Otherwise, freezing it would be another solution using a tool like root uninstaller or titanium backup...
  3. DC1022

    DC1022 Well-Known Member

    No i don't want to, i use fancy widgets for my weather. Thanks for the solution.
  4. barney_rebel

    barney_rebel Well-Known Member

    is it rooted? Freeze it. That's what I did.
  5. DC1022

    DC1022 Well-Known Member

    No i'm not rooted right now.

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