So what to do first with my new Superpad 2/ Flytouch 3?General

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  1. EvilEd209

    EvilEd209 Well-Known Member

    So I am egarly awaiting the arrival of the Superpad 2 / Flytouch 3 Andriod 2.2 Tablet that I purchased from to arrive, I am running through the forums to try to find out what to do first with it?

    So I thought that I would throw it out to you the community. What would you do with it first? Would you update the ROM/Firmware first? perhaps with the latest ROM from Tim 4E? Would you Root it? What apps would you consider a must have and must download?

    What mods would you consider a need to get this tablet working best?

    Since this is my first Android Tablet, I would love some advice onwhat to do with it first o get them most out of it.

    Thanks in advance,


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  2. kenewto

    kenewto Well-Known Member

    Make sure it works first. Try the GPS, WIFI, Battery stress.

    Odds are, you will end up rooting it to make one or more of the above features work

    IMHO, Tims 4e ROM is nice but not earth shattering. It doesn't make a $200 device run like a $500 device. If you find a frustration that the ROM addresses, then flash the ROM.
  3. sohil_4932

    sohil_4932 New Member

    I got my superpad 2 flytouch 3 from ebay just yesterday.Its

    Model No:DISCO10
    Android version:2.2-20110503
    Kernel version:
    build no:FRF85B

    I can establish wifi connection.but cant browse or open up android market.It gives error
    "Cant establish a reeliable data connection to server....
    This could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services.If it continues, call customer care."

    Now what to do..I cant browse any link on my table Pc.
    how can I fix this problem..Is there any other way to use Internet without using wifi.Because I have usb 3g data card.Can I use that in my tablet.

    I also cant find ADSL setting in my tablet.

    Pls help me...
  4. EvilEd209

    EvilEd209 Well-Known Member


    My plan with my FT3 is to run it for a week and see how it works, and check the battery life is top on my list. I also want to test the WiFi, E-Reader software, maybe install a game or two and see what happens. If all is well, and it had at least a more recent version of the OS I might root it from there. If I start having problems though, I will use the lastest Tim ROM to see if it clears out the bugs. Thanks for the advice.


    Sounds like you might have some issues that a new ROM might fix. I am by no means an expert but it at least sounds like to need to root your tablet and get into it to tweak it. There are a lot of threads on here on fixing the WiFi. Have you tried contacting the seller on eBay at all?
  5. kenewto

    kenewto Well-Known Member

    Do you see any WIFI access points? I presume you have one. My wifi switch is a little tricky. Sometimes it looks on when it isn't. Also looks off when it isn't. Maybe move yours back and for the a few times to make sure it is solid on.
  6. sohil_4932

    sohil_4932 New Member

    Dude I see my wifi access point and it also connected.Also a wifi symbol on top.But my browser doesn't search any sites.
    Any wifi thread is available on site for this.
  7. NcFly 11

    NcFly 11 New Member

    With my brand new Flytouch 3, do I need to root it in order to flash the ROM to Tim 4e?
  8. dart16

    dart16 Well-Known Member

    you don't need to ask the same question in more than one thread.......

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