So, where is this one getting released?

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  1. andreas81

    andreas81 Active Member

    Hi guys.

    Currently scoping new and upcoming devices as I'm planning to buy a smartphone. Since I haven't had a full touchscreen phone before and am quite sceptical about not having a real keyboard to type on, I'm looking for phones with this formfactor.

    So far the only ones I've found are carrier specific, and I was wondering if this one will be released in the entire EU; Sweden specifically since that's where I live. Anyone got a clue?

    // Andreas

  2. Merago

    Merago Well-Known Member

    Hi there, the Cliq is called the Dext in Europe, and it's released in the UK, so I'd imagine it's probably the same in Sweden, if not, it'll be on it's way soon I'd imagine.

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