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Social Networking Apps?

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  1. coyote711

    coyote711 New Member

    Does anyone know if any devs have any plans on making a MySpace or Facebook app. That would be great if they did. Blackberrys, Sidekicks, and iPhones have them why not ANDROID?

  2. niksbin

    niksbin Member


    I found an article that you may be interested in. It is an article about the very subject. I have included the link for it in the following:


    Also, there is already a program called 'SocialMonster' for Android. The link is:


    BTW, if you are interested in submitting your ideas for programmers/developers to create, you can go to the links I have included below:

    Android General Discussion (A good place to post your ideas)

    Android Beginner Programmers' group

    Android Programmers' group

    Last but not least, there is the ADC II contest for developers, in case you are interested. It's not that hard to program it, if you would like, check out my post in this thread.

    Also, there is a list of the 1st contest winners where you can get a better feel for Android. There is also the roadmap, which will tell you what Google's schedule is; again, if you are interested.

    Hope this helps.

    - Nikhil (user id: niksbin)
  3. Buddymob

    Buddymob New Member

    We have developped a social community app for Android as well! It's called buddymob.

    It will locate you and your friends, and works on short real time updates and content sharing!

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me :)
  4. Spyral

    Spyral Member

    The myspace app is out...cmon, you knew that wouldn't take long.

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