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  1. Pikaro

    Pikaro Member


    I think I just bricked my phone... I was trying to upload an .apk of Tasks+ to the phone (no Warez stuff, but can't find it outside of Market and don't have a Google acc), when the install process froze (transmit worked). I tried it again with a different version, same problem, so I decided I would just try a reboot. Everything looked phine while the Motorola logo was displayed, it disappeared as usual, but then nothing came up; the screen stayed backlit, but black. adb was not able to connect to the device, and wiping the cache from Android Recovery didn't help.

    Now, I am presented with several choices at boot time, and unfortunately, I cannot find any explanation of what they mean. They are the following:

    BP HW Bypass RSD
    BP HW Bypass QC DLOAD
    BP HW Diag & Boot AP
    BP HW Bypass BP Only
    BP HW Bypass RSD
    Android Recovery
    Boot Android (No BP)
    Device UID
    Early Usb Enumeration
    BP tools

    Can anyone explain what the acronyms stand for, and what each choice does? I found the choices mention quite a bit when searching, but they were never fully explained, and I fear I might brick the device even more. I could, of course, try resetting the thing to factory state, but as I just had it set up completely to my liking, that would be very unfortunate.

    Being given access to a console or a log would maybe suffice, if the latter can be read like a standard syslog. (BTW, can the phone use a syslog server?)

    Thanks for any advice!

  2. rsevans64

    rsevans64 Well-Known Member

    di you try a batterry pull?
  3. Pikaro

    Pikaro Member

    Yes, of course. Also tried removing SIM and uSD. Nothing helped.
  4. Pikaro

    Pikaro Member

    Good news, everyone.

    I managed to access the phone with adb logcat (chose option "Early Usb Enumeration") and the phone told me:

    02-25 02:58:08.669 1541 1555 E PackageManager: Package com.iss.tasksplus has mismatched uid: 10186 on disk, 10002 in settings

    So looks like there was no major screwup. Unfortunately, adb uninstall says "Error: Could not access the Package Manager. Is the system running?". adb shell works, but I have no idea how to remove the packet manually.
  5. Pikaro

    Pikaro Member

    Same thing every time with me, I fight a problem for hours, then post to a message board, and half an hour later I solve it myself ^^ Just had to remove the .apk from /data, and hooray, everything worked out perfectly. Off to enjoy the forums now ^^ (And to find out how to get Tasks+ onto my phone...)

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