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Soft buttons not working on HTC One XSupport

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  1. vnsk

    vnsk Active Member


    My HTC One X's soft keys ( home, Menu and recent Apps) stopped working. The touch screen has not issues and responds well. Instead of changing the display ( this is definitely a hardware issue as I tried a hard reset without any success), does any one know if any custom ROM with built in soft keys....

    As I am not a guy who tweaks around phones too much you will have to explain how to install it also :) ....

    Hope some one can help...otherwise I am in a whole lot of trouble as my handset is imported and the local HTC service is refusing to fix it ( even though they can !)...:mad:

  2. vnsk

    vnsk Active Member

    Ok... I got this sorted out.... I installed an app called Button Saviour (!!!)...this creates a virtual floating soft keys ...problem solved ...money saved !!!
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  3. pnkhl

    pnkhl New Member


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