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  1. godson

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    I have problems with my Eris trackball I have a warranty on it so i am going to replace it only thing is my phone is rooted.

    I spoke to one guy at VZW and he said as long as the software information matches the original 2.1 VZW update.. For example i updated the leak version of 2.1 and then rooted it if my software info matches a phone that has 2.1 and was normal update (not leaked) then i am good..

    Can someone please post there software information of non rooted phone and did the update through VZW (not leaked) Thank you

    Here my information
    Firmware Version = 2.1
    Baseband Version =
    Kernel Version = 2.6.29-564a4a15 htc-kernal@and18-8 #1
    Build Number = 2.26.605.4 CL 140744 release-keys
    Software number = 2.26.605.4
    Browser version = webkit 3.1
    PRI Version = 2.11_002
    PRL Version = 51739
    ERI Version = 5

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  3. thenestor

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    You're on leak v2. You either need to run the 2.1 RUU from Windows, or manually upgrade to leak v3 using the v3 version of PB00IMG.ZIP.
  4. godson

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  5. thenestor

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    I'm confused. Aren't you trying, in another thread, to get your phone back to factory settings in order to return it? Just run the RUU on your computer, it's the absolute easiest way to make your phone exactly the same as a like-new Droid Eris that came straight from Verizon.
  6. godson

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    Yes but i was just curious if the same thats all
  7. thenestor

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    Leak v3 is identical to RUU 2.1, and they're both nearly identical to the OTA of 2.1 except that the OTA didn't change the bootloader and included one extra file (the program that shows the status of the OTA while it's running).
  8. Hiroshika

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    They flash the phones with the ruu themselves. The stuff they would look at (software version numbers and such) are identical. So they wouldnt know the difference if you flashed the ruu or leak 3.

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