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  1. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!! VIP Member

    Anyone know of any decent software to convert music formats? Specifically Apple formats to mp3? I am hoping to find something that is free, but would probably be willing to pay a few bucks for something that is outstanding.


  2. Itunes can convert to mp3, just right click the song and hit Convert to MP3. If they are DRM files, you will have to use a workaround to remove it. Google it and you will find many guides on how to do it.
  3. BOO5TED

    BOO5TED Well-Known Member

    Format Factory.
  4. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!! VIP Member

    Thank you for this. I had searched Google and most of everything I found looked somewhat shady. This doesn't look as shady as the other programs I was looking at.

    How well does it work? Is there any degradation of sound or video quality? How is the quality of the DVD ripper function?

  5. BOO5TED

    BOO5TED Well-Known Member

    I've used it for about a year now and never had a problem with it. It's awesome, you can convert anything to just about anything. :)
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  6. Anytime you convert something to a lossy codec, you will lose quality. The only way to not use quality is to use a lossless codec like wav, or re-rip the original music.

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