software update 1.08.652.11 710rd to toSupport

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  1. tommymel

    tommymel Member

    Can anyone tell me what this new update addresses I can't find any info but I feel my phone is a lot less responsive. Anyone who has updated experience the same thanks

  2. RyanSupertramp

    RyanSupertramp Well-Known Member

    I just bought this phone for the second time yesterday after using a few other phones. (I previously owned this phone back in July). ANYWAY lol, I checked to see if there was an update and I installed this one as well. However, I'm not seeing anything being less responsive...To be honest, I haven't noticed anything different.

    On an interesting side note: When I searched in Google for "1.08.652.11 710rd htc one v update" This post is the only thing that comes up haha.
  3. flutie98

    flutie98 Well-Known Member

    I just updated my wifes one V and the update said it was to address and improve battery percent indicator.
  4. prepaiduser

    prepaiduser Active Member

    just updated mine today. hopefully this fixes the problem of my battery dropping from 100% to 90-something% abruptly on standby
  5. los panda

    los panda Well-Known Member

    i did the update yesterday. haven't noticed any difference*

    *except when i'm using the phone as a hammer, the screen stays on now

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