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Software update doesn't work (and other n00b questions)Support

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  1. Joe0Bloggs

    Joe0Bloggs Member

    When I go to settings->about phone->software update->software update check, I always get "connection failed caused by authentication error". I have my phone on a working wifi connection to the internet. Is this a problem with my phone or are there just no updates?

    Here's my phone's stats:
    Model number: LG-P990
    Android version: 2.2.2
    Baseband version: 1035.21_20110218
    Kernel version (wtf?)
    Build number FRG83G
    LGE Version: LGP990-V10a

    Should there be updates for my phone? Is Android 2.3 available for this phone now? Will I get updates by connecting to the PC? I see this horror story of a 2x turned into a brick while doing an update connected to the PC, can anyone report back with a successful update from the PC? :eek:

    BTW, what do roots and custom ROMs do? Right now I am not demanding much from my phone, just want the best browser and music player for it and for the phone to be as stable as possible.

    Right now I'm using Skyfire 4.0 for browsing and PowerAMP for music. Skyfire has crapped out on me about once a day; the phone has restarted itself once or twice in two weeks.

  2. Kridons

    Kridons Active Member

    The brick thing is true LG's update was stucked fixed tho my phone was bricked but thats also because there was something wrong with my root in my phone thats all i know i wanna know the same questions xD
  3. aMpeX

    aMpeX Well-Known Member

    OTA doesn't seem to work yet. Hook your O2X up to your PC and use the LGMobile Update Software to get your phone up to date.

    My phone wasn't bricked during the process, but I'm flashing CM7 nightlys like mad now.
    I'd suggest, if you want to be completely safe, to check out

    25 Mar: NVflash stock ROM release: v10b dated 1300166062 (15/03/2011) - Android @ MoDaCo

    It describes a "failsafe" which enables you to restore your phone even if it is heavily bricked (NVFlash hooks directly into the Tegra Firmware, so as long as you don't screw that, which you can probably only do using NVflash itself).

    Get familiar with that guide and try out the --sync command to see if your device is recognized correctly.

    The first things I'd recommend to someone trying to immerse himself in rooting/custom ROMs is reading,reading,reading.

    XDA is stuffed with people who did stuff without even knowing what they were doing, deleting essential system files and bricking their phones. Don't be one of those, google can help you aquire the necessary information about

    Clockworkmod recovery
    freezing apps using titanium backup or the package manager
    installing custom ROMs via clockworkmod and so on.

    First thing I did after rooting my O2x was disable the LG CarHome application and Fsecure (important: I DISABLED them not UNINSTALL them)

    Have fun w/ your device.
  4. billytrueblue

    billytrueblue Well-Known Member


    Tried the update & got stuck on the S/W upgrade screen
    Will i have to send it back ?

    all fixed :) thanks to that nv flash thingy :) my 2x is getting me beer again

    wont be trying that update again :)

    hi it's me again :( phone cant find the network :( looks like i'll be going along to my nearest CPW shop tomorrow :(
  5. mustluvbears

    mustluvbears Member

    my p 990 (hehe sounds like p90) freezes some times when i try to get to the home screen from an app or when i'm downloading some thing from any wifi.

    One of my mates told me thats its because lg's software is not optimized for froyo, is he saying that when/if i get gingerbread this will make the bad stuff go away?
  6. Rusty

    Rusty Well-Known Member

    The stock LG software is pretty pants, it has a few bugs, one is that the phone will grind to a halt when installing an app.
  7. billytrueblue

    billytrueblue Well-Known Member

    Been without my baby since the 12th of may :( after trying that update.
    Got a call from CPW today to say they are sending me out a new one :) :) :) as soon as i get it i'm off down to gretna to marry it :) & defo no more updates till you lot try them first.
    I realy do miss it so much
  8. Joe0Bloggs

    Joe0Bloggs Member

    Updated successfully through PC about a week ago, and the phone hasn't restarted itself since. I rebooted it once due to no network reception though. And Skyfire seems to have become ever less stable since the update (crashed at least twice a day until I decided to switch to the bundled browser:mad:

    After the update it's still Android v.2.2.2...:confused:

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