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  1. fairhsa

    fairhsa Member

    The "Software Update" disclaimer keeps popping up on my phone, wanting me to agree to something.
    All the HEADINGS are in English (e.g. Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy) and the box at the bottom (I accept all the terms above) is also in English, but the body of the disclaimer is in Chinese.



    I have emailed Samsung. They told me to set my language settings to English.
    I refer you to the bold above, which I told them in my email.

    I have PHONED Samsung. They told me to set my language settings to English.
    Again, per bold above, which I told them. So they said if my language settings are in English then the disclaimer will be in English. Which was NOT HELPFUL.

    Does anyone know the answer to this? It's really annoying. I cannot believe how completely USELESS the customer service was. Do they not bother to actually READ the emails we send them?

    EDIT: It'a a small Note (original one, not a version 2). Carrier Smartone but they are not linked. Based in Hong Kong and purchased in Hong Kong (the origin of the problem I suspect).

  2. fairhsa

    fairhsa Member

    So, my friend told me my CSC is set to HK and Taiwan and that is why this is happening. Can anyone else confirm this or tell me how to modify it (without killing the phone - zero technical knowledge here)
  3. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Well-Known Member

  4. rcheung28

    rcheung28 Well-Known Member

    Since you know which button is "I accept", can't you just press that and let the update carry on?

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