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Solar Wars - the game (early Alpha)

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  1. LucidHead

    LucidHead New Member

    Hello everyone!

    I've this year I have joined the dark side of programming and I became a Java developper. After many less or more successful applications - with one on market already, I would like to start a completely new project: Solar Wars.

    Solar Wars are intended to be a 2D space battle game for mobile phones (propably only Android) where player steers a space ship in real time to defeat his opponents in varius battles. Game will be available for free.

    I am aware that there are propably many games like that already on store, but I've decided to create something more:
    - really complex damage system
    - well developped missle balistics
    - realistic collision effects
    - possibility of improving and creating space ships from parts

    I have already put some work into it and developped a part of sophisticated 2D engine.

    Here are some rough screens of what I already have:

    What we can see on the screens are:
    - 2 circles - they are used as joysticks - no graphical fireworks yet;)
    - 2 ships - one of them is AI controlled (standing still yet
    - one is player controlled
    - beautiful background

    Ships consists of 4 parts - 3 squares and 1 triangle - of course engine is ready to add more different shapes, colors, images, etc, but I was too lazy to draw them yet.

    I am aware that this is only a seed of a game, but I estimate to finish it by september, with playable beta versions being available to download by 15th of August at worse. I've decided to create that topic, as from my personal experience people have sometimes awesome ideas, which cannot be easily included when game is already released + making the project public will give me more determination to work on it and polish it. I would also like to hear your opinions if there is a niche for such game in your opinion.

    Lucid Head Games

    (I would prefer to stay anonymous for some time, as I shouldn't really be working on such a project in my free time)

  2. LucidHead

    LucidHead New Member

    Anyone interested in early Alpha versions or new Screenshoots? ;) Or is this subboard dead?
  3. eze036

    eze036 New Member

    yea id wana give it a try
  4. mystifire2

    mystifire2 Well-Known Member

    I want to give it a go
  5. LucidHead

    LucidHead New Member

    Hey, here we go, very, very alpha version, yet shooting, moving and killling is implemented.

    I tested it on HTC Sensation, so game might suck big balls on lower resolution phones (I had only chance to see it on HTC Hero, and it was a bit messy there)

    Few infos:

    left square - move
    right circle - shot

    top bar - energy


    - left part of square - turn left
    - right part of square - turn right
    - top part of square - move forward (the higher you touch, the faster it will move)

    Clicking on square multiple times works much better than holding ur finger on it (I need to solve it out)

    - If you fly too long in one direction, you will be teleported on the other edge of map (noticable by background change)

    Kill em all!
  6. LucidHead

    LucidHead New Member

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  7. powerpoint45

    powerpoint45 Well-Known Member

    Epic game...did you use aneroid canvas?

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