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  1. flytdeck

    flytdeck New Member

    My slightly ageing Nexus One has suddenly decided to display a solid red LED status light. Not having embarrassed or damaged the beastie (recently), I am very curious as to why it may displaying this particular attitude. The LED shows solid red, is bright, consistent, and on whenever on the charging cradle or powered up.

    Other than the LED, the phone appears to be working normally. Suggestions or observations welcome.

  2. Teknologic

    Teknologic Well-Known Member

    That's very odd. Have you installed tba (trackball alert) at any point? Mine only flashes red when I missed a call, but that's because I have it set up to do so.
    What's funny is the N1 has the hardware to support a whole color spectrum in the trackball, but never got official software to support it. So if you haven't rooted or took any steps to unlock this feature, my guess is the red led short circuited.
    When I took apart mine, I noticed beneath the trackball is an absolute dust magnet. Filth collects beneath it really easily.
    There's a really good chance a burst of compressed air onto your depressed trackball wil solve your problem, clearing out some of the most recent smut that's likely to have gotten your red led to short circuit.
    Your other option would be opening it up, but the bottom part prys off really difficult.

    Good luck.
  3. flytdeck

    flytdeck New Member

    Thank you for the reply. Trackball was not an issue, just the LED at the top corner that show green when mostly charged, and yellow when not while attached to a power source.

    After removing the battery for the 10th time, then allowing to charge overnight, woke to find the green LED and returned. The wee phone is operating normally and not at all intimidated by those new Android monsters roaming the streets. I do occasionally have to shuffle applications when it's poor memory reaches capacity (I can really empathize).

    Thank you again....
    a Nexus One fan

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