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  1. southberm

    southberm New Member

    Hey folks

    I just traded in my Evo for a photon, and I'm looking for a go-to toggle / widget to turn off my 3g.

    Sense UI had a native toggle to turn off mobile networks, which I used to save battery.

    3rd party apps:
    3rd party apps could only give you a shortcut to get to mobile network settings, which is normally a non-issue. However, this phone's toggle for 3G is located within the "battery and data manager" menu option, thus rendering all 3rd party widgets useless.

    Is there a native toggle to turn 3G On/Off?
    If not, is there a "shortcut" 3rd party widget that will let me customize the landing page to the sub-menu that includes the mobile networks switch?


  2. Bandage

    Bandage Well-Known Member


    I've tried every 3rd party tool for this. NONE work. Extended controls, SwitchPro, BWidget, etc. And there's not a true "Turn Data Off" option in the settings you mentioned, or anywhere else for that matter.

    Let's dig into this...others report any findings?
  3. southberm

    southberm New Member

    Found the "data off" option. If you go into settings and battery and data manager, click through "data delivery and you'll find a toggle labled "data enabled". That's it!

    Now the only issue is how to get that on to a widget, or at least a short-cut from the home screen that reduces the amnt of clicks to no more than 2.

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  4. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Elixir will let you make a widget to do this - however, it doesn't turn 3G off, it sets an invalid APN so that you can never connect.

    I'm still getting the hang of Widgetsoid, but if anything might have a shot, my guess is it would be that.

    Both free in the Market.
  5. Bandage

    Bandage Well-Known Member

    Duh...dunno HOW I missed that!
  6. whatsitsname

    whatsitsname Well-Known Member

    I can't find an option to do that either. I tried shortcut menu option but no go. Also tried power widget but unfortunately it points to the wrong shortcut ( data roaming).
  7. Bandage

    Bandage Well-Known Member

    Trying to use Shortcut for Activities to create a shortcut for the data toggle. I can't seem to find that file name specifically however. Tried everything I could find relating to Data...no luck so far.

    Edit: one option that gets us a little closer- Long-press on screen...choose Shortcuts, then Activities. Scroll down to Battery & Data Manager...Select, then Select the first one down the list (com.moto...................DataManagerAppPreferenceActivity)

    This will at least give you a shortcut to the menu where you can toggle data. Now we need a way to reduce it further by 1 step.
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  8. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    So, I looked some more and the APN trick seems the recommended one for Gingerbread - although I don't see how that would save your 3G radio from consuming battery - seems to me it just prevents the connection.

    Widgetsoid includes a 2G/3G toggle - don't know if that would help, but it's free to try.
  9. Bandage

    Bandage Well-Known Member

    Yeah...not too sure about that myself. If it turns OFF the data radio, then yes it would help...but just tricking the radio into thinking there's no signal to connect to would probably make things worse?
  10. Bandage

    Bandage Well-Known Member

    As does SwitchPro and Extended Controls. Wonder if the radio would search less frequently since most times a 2G signal is more attainable than a 3G signal? Gonna try it out.
  11. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Sounds crazy to me. Maybe it's just to help people on limited data plans or something?

    I did see the issue that the 3G switch on most of these does take you to an assumed switch location.

    The Widgetsoid will be easy to confirm - on an HTC, if you use a true 3G widget, you can go "behind the scenes" by hand to the right settings location to see if the 3G radio is really being turned off.

    It might be worth a shot. Follow the on-screen instructions after install, choose Widgetsoid 1x1 Switchable on long-press on home screen, follow the prompts. The grayed-out boxes at the bottom of the tool are actually live (I'd have expected grayed-out to mean inactive), if that helps any.

    If the radio is still checked on, then it's probably using the APN trick, too.
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  12. Bandage

    Bandage Well-Known Member

    AHA! Got it!

    Ok...using EarlyMon's suggestion I downloaded Widgetsoid.

    I then created a Data toggle, and in settings tried the various option. Neither "Rename Apn" or "Apn Toggle" worked to turn Data off. However, the "Root Toggle" did...and it works just fine.

    Checked in all menus, and Data is definitely OFF. Nice...knew we'd figure this out eventually!!

    EDIT: See Post 16 for Tutorial
  13. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    I wonder if there's some way to share the widget (import/export) - some tools allow that.

    If not, and you'd like to do screen shots to show folks how to set it up, then I don't know if the Photon has one of deals where the root-only screen shot apps work or not.

    This, however, will take a screen shot without root of any Android:

    How to take screenshots of your Android based phone from Windows – Simple Help

    I can walk anyone thru Mac directions, I'd expect the Linux solution to be obvious to Linux users with any adb experience.

    PS - Congrats on getting it working, I took the liberty of changing the thread title. :)
  14. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    I love this one as a replacement toggle because it can be customized:


    It has a toggle for 2g/3g and 4g. What's weird is, it doesn't let me choose the 4G togle.
    -EDIT- I guess the 4G toggle was only made for the EVO, so I've emailed the developer. Hopefully, he can make it happen for all 4G devices, not just the EVO.
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  15. Bandage

    Bandage Well-Known Member

    Yeah that's what we were referring to...was able to get a Data Toggle up and running on it. Only app so far that's worked for it.
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  16. Bandage

    Bandage Well-Known Member

    EarlyMon...I wrote up a wee tutorial to make things really simple for all

    Ok so those of you who own the Photon have probably noticed Motorola buried the Data Toggle option deep in menus were not used to finding them in. None of the current Toggle / Widget apps support access to this menu with a single click.

    EarlyMon (Android Forums) pointed out a free Toggle App, that with some exploration and trial I was able to come up with a work-around that allows a single press Data Toggle.

    Here's a quick tutorial:

    1. Download Widgetsoid2.x and install.

    2. Long-press on Home Screen, and select "Widgets"

    3. Scroll down to Widgetsoid Switcher 1x1

    4. 1st option on the toolbar down on the bottom is "Network" select that.

    5. Select "Mobile Data"

    6. Next go to Theme...and customize the look you want for the toggle.

    7. Select Apply on lower menu bar

    8. A menu will pop up asking if you want to "Edit Global Preferences"...Yes

    9. The first Tab from top is "Data Toggle Mode"

    10. Select "Root Toggle"

    11. Press your BACK key...and it will return you to your Home Screen.

    Done... There's your Data Toggle!
  17. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Yeah, sorry 'bout that. I compelely missed the posts about Widgetsoid. I found out about that app a while back with my EVO and it's been amazing for me.

    Just hoping that they can make the 4G toggle work for the Photon (since it's listed just for the EVO right now).
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  18. southberm

    southberm New Member

    you guys rule
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  19. wubbie075

    wubbie075 Well-Known Member

    Sweet! Love Widgetsoid!!!
  20. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    I'd just say - we all use Android so we all rock! :) :D

    Rock and rule is here to stay, it will never die,
    It was meant to be that way, tho I can't say why -
    I don't care what,
    People say!
    Android phones will,
    Rule the day!
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  21. rancherochido

    rancherochido New Member

  22. ericdabbs

    ericdabbs Member

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  23. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Widgetsoid isn't complicated at all, it's just extremely customizable for just a widget toggle.
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  24. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    I feel the pain tho - simple is always relative.

    Is there some way to just share the Widgetsoid custom widget? If so, that would be perfectly ok to post here (the widget file if it exists, not the app, that you get from the Market).

    Anyone? If no else has time, I'll try to get to that later today. :)

    Anyway - I don't know if it can be done.
  25. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    OK - I don't have your phone.

    But - if I did this correctly, this zip file contains the widget made by Bandage's instructions.

    Part 1, the zip -

    1. Place 3G_widget.zip into your /mnt/sdcard
    2. I recommend Astro File Manager - long press 3G_widget.zip
    3. Extract
    4. Extract To This Directory

    Part 2, the install -

    1. Download Widgetsoid2.x and install.
    2. Back button to get rid of message screen and get out of app.
    3. Long-press on Home Screen, and select "Widgets"
    4. Scroll down to Widgetsoid Switcher (1x1)
    5. Scroll right on bottom tool list to Profiles - tap Profiles
    6. tap 3G
    7. Load
    8. Are you sure you want to load this profile? YES
    9. Lower right button -> Apply
    10. Do you want to edit? NO

    If I set this all up correctly (and I did test all of this as best I could without owning a Photon) - you just installed the widget without having to get too detailed on Widgetsoid's more confusing screens.

    Once you have more Widgetsoid experience, you can play with themes (or somebuddy here can help).

    If this really works please show the love to AF and link back here using the permalink post at the upper right of this post.

    Kang (plagarize ;)) the whole thing outright if you like, I've done this for the benefit of the Photon community, but I think asking a link back is fair. :)

    Hope this helps!

    View attachment 3G_widget.zip

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