"SOLUTION " HTC EVO 4G HTC Sense launcher error (process com.htc.launcher) has stopped unexpectedlySupport

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  1. Cromos

    Cromos Member

    Hi I Find The Solution Final after 15 days whit no Phone


  2. marcdaugherty

    marcdaugherty New Member

    I was experiencing the HTC sense launcher error on my Incredible 2, and did not want to have to factory reset. Fortunately I found a way around it. None of my screen icons would function, as well as none of the soft touch buttons on the phone. However, I found that I could drag down the icon status bar at the top of the screen. From there I could access the settings menu, and then the running services menu. I just closed and uninstalled the process (clock widget) that was causinig the problem.

    I hope this helps
  3. Gwydeon

    Gwydeon New Member

    I have just discovered a BETTER solution that does not require a hard reset!

    It DOES require you to be lucky enough to have an application reporting that it is out of date.

    Use the link in the status bar to get to the Google Play store.

    Download a different launcher.

    Install and open that launcher (Go Launcher works for this fix, dunno about others).

    Now you are on a working home screen - Go into Menu - Applications - Manage applications - All - Find the HTC Sense application - Clear data

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  4. penguin3685

    penguin3685 New Member

    Thanks so much! You have saved me hours of time!;)

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