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  1. njanfeza

    njanfeza Member

    Hey guys! I'm a new user on this forum and I also a completely new android user, I have just gotten the HTC Desire HD. And I'm really really enjoying the OS. The way you can customize the OS is amazing! And Therefore I feel like I have been missing out for a while.

    However there is one single problem about the HTC Desire HD and sadly it's a pretty big problem. (You guessed it,) the battery life. I'm not gonna lie, if i cut some features i can easily get through a whole day. But whats the point of buying a phone with lot's of features if you can't use them, and whats the point of having a 4.3" screen if you can't have the brightness level at 50+.

    To the point!
    HTC have already made updated batteries that have a much higher capacity than the original batteries, these are for some of their other products.
    (just look at the higher capacity HD2 batteries by HTC, they have a higher capacity than the original HD2 batteries.)

    That's why i suggest that we all contact HTC and let them know that we are both aware and annoyed by the horrible battery. And then request a better and improved battery for the Desire HD.

    If you look at their updates, they have a pretty good history of listening to their customers.
    And if their customer service department get about 300 requests in one single day I am absolutely sure that we will see a result in a month or maybe even faster.

    I live in Denmark myself and I've seen a similar thread in
    a Danish forum and in two days time we have had 183 people send mails to the Scandinavian HTC customer service.
    Now there is only about 2000 active users on that forum so that's pretty good for two days. And with such a huge success in a Danish forum, I'm sure a big forum like this would do even better!

    So if you have the time to write a little email to the HTC customer service telling them about the poor battery life and then make a request for a better battery, I (and probably every DHD user) would appreciate it. :)

    And even if you are one of those lucky users that can go for days without charging while having standard settings,helping us wouldn't hurt. :)

    Here is a couple of links to make it easier for you:
    HTC Mail support -
    HTC Customer Service survey -
    Thanks in Advance

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  2. strachs123

    strachs123 New Member

    i'm in.. i dont understand why they thought adding a bigger screen compared to the desire but downgrading the battery would ever work out.. i'm off to wirte my email.. good day to you sir :D
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  3. bonerp

    bonerp Well-Known Member

    mine works fine. The reason why the battery size is smaller than the desire has been discussed a squillion times before.

    If I had my laptop battery on full power it would last a couple of hours - its about size vs functionality. I dont wanna carry around a brick so I am happy with the compromise.

    THE ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Erm, iPhone 4 is smaller and has bigger and better battery life than the DHD. It depends on the manufacturer. If the screen is off the DHD should last at least a day, my 3GS last year died out about 5PM after been charged all night and take off charge in morning at 8AM, i'd be on it most of the day but my iPhone 4 lasts a day easily with fair amount of usage.
  5. SpencerUk

    SpencerUk Well-Known Member

    *face palms*

    You can point fingers at the battery, you can pull faces at it, but end of the day it all comes down to how YOU use the phone.
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  6. Xannetic

    Xannetic Member

    Constant twittering, facbooking, emailing and Angry birds, my DHD battery lasted me 6 hours.

    Yesterday without playing Angry birds only using wifi for the rest of things last me over 12hrs:eek: :eek: I was quite surprised
  7. bonerp

    bonerp Well-Known Member

    Erm, thats cos ip4 is not as powerful as DHD :p:D
  8. sonesh

    sonesh Well-Known Member

    I called HTC yesterday, and to my statement of "I only get 16 hours battery", his reply was "Thats about average. You just need to start charging it more often"

    THE ANDROID Well-Known Member

    It just doesn't have the extra ram otherwise iPhone 4 is more powerful. It's Androids fault. It uses too much power. It needs a built in task manager.
    iOS 3 used soo much power, my 3GS barely got through out the day. Since iOS 4, it easily makes the day up until night.

    My DHD dropped about 2% over the 7 hours I went to sleep last night.
    It's clearly the screen and Android using up the battery. Hopefully 2.3 is more efficient.
    Nothing beats my jailbroken iPhone 4 though :p
  10. ynwa

    ynwa Well-Known Member

    Did you go from 100% to 2% over night? If you did then there is something wrong with your phone, as in one of your apps is probably eating the battery. I lose nothing over night when the phone is not in use.

    I think the battery is bad on my DHD. Worse than the Desire was. But it not that bad that it drops so much over night while not in use.
  11. bonerp

    bonerp Well-Known Member

    so does my HD!

    ...and you got too many smartphones :rolleyes:
  12. Xannetic

    Xannetic Member

    I think he meant the battery dropped 2 % overnight, from 100% fully charged to 98% charged ;)
  13. alane

    alane Member

    New battery arrived - its:
    Model - BD26100
    Rating - 3.7VDC 1230mAh 4.55Whr
    S/N 2WBA109K005534 P/N 35H00141-03M

    I have been mailing HTC support with a 'ticket' but they seem to be ignorant of the fact that the phone is just not fit for purpose under the 1979 Sale Of Goods act - it wont last more than 8hrs without being charged.

    The phone refuses to reach anywhere near the alleged standby hours in the sale literature - so mis-selling could also be raised.
  14. alane

    alane Member

  15. alane

    alane Member

  16. njanfeza

    njanfeza Member

    True, but i honestly cant see why it would hurt to encourage HTC to make a new battery with higher capacity as a part of their accessory lineup for the Desire HD.
  17. ynwa

    ynwa Well-Known Member

    oops. apologies!
  18. Xannetic

    Xannetic Member

    That is the stock battery I got with the package , it could be HTC has provided new battery for their new batch of handset?:eek:
  19. njanfeza

    njanfeza Member

    Interesting. Can anybody with a DHD from the first batch confirm this? I.e. if you have a DHD from the first batch do you have the same same model number?
  20. redshark313

    redshark313 Active Member

    Can't hurt I guess.

    Email sent...
  21. Trypod

    Trypod New Member

    Recieved my new HTC Desire HD from Vodafone today, after waiting weeks on backorder, and the battery I got is:

    Model: BD26100
    Rating: 3.7vdc, 1230mAh, 4.55 Whr
  22. sonesh

    sonesh Well-Known Member

    Mine is a first batch DHD (last one in the entire city :-D), and the battery is the same:

    Model: BD26100
    Rating: 3.7vdc, 1230mAh, 4.55 Whr
  23. The Hoff

    The Hoff Well-Known Member

    Mine was the first batch also, same battery as above.

    They won't be able to churn out another battery yet IMO.
  24. alane

    alane Member

    The HTC customer service seems to be ignoring the fact that this (my) phone is crap with the battery.
    The HTC website claims in excess of 400hrs standby which I realise is dependent upon use but frankly, seeing at worst 1/100th of that as my battery life really is taking the p155
    So, finally, I've registered a complaint with ASA (Advertising Standards Authority in UK) over the claimed 400+hrs and the actual <24hrs.
    Not sure whether it will help the cause but it's really p'ing me off now.
  25. adfgarga

    adfgarga Member

    Yes. I wouldn't bother contacting HTC Support. I did this morning, and specifically said that I thought my battery was faulty on account of its apparent 6 hour maximum lifespan before needing a recharge. I also said that I had tried several different configurations of screen brightness, sync times and wifi on/off, etc, etc, all to no avail. I went on to point out that I felt that HTC had released a phone with claims of a much longer battery life than I was experiencing.

    Here's what I got back:

    To say I'm a little annoyed at that response is an understatement. What a complete waste of my time. Perhaps this is how HTC deal with support qeuries - fob customers off with no specific reply and hope that a percentage simply go away.

    Anyway, I've pushed back - let's see what happens. I've specifically asked for a replacement battery and some comment on their quoted battery life times. My expectations aren't high.
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