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  1. Bichey

    Bichey Member

    Recently I was having SD Card problem, but after some experiment i think i have found a temporary solution.

    If the Live Wallpaper is in internal memory and not running from SD Card, this error is not occurring in my mobile. As for example, Nexus Revamped resides in internal memory. U can check it by unmounting SD Card and then going to home screen, if the live wallpaper stays then it is running from internal memory.

    Guys, u can check your in your mobile and provide the results here.

  2. SylentEcho

    SylentEcho Active Member

    It would appear that the solution for this is to just update the firmware of the phone with KIES.

    I used to face this problem every 10 minutes of the day with my phone, but after updating it 2 days ago, it's not even happened once! It really is a solution.
  3. Bichey

    Bichey Member

    Updating is the last solution. But updating through KIES is terribly painful. You have to try numerous times to successfully update your mobile. Else u have to take it to service center.
  4. aadaars

    aadaars Active Member

    guys the memory card problem s indeed solved and m not bluffing.install the indian firmware using odin.the full method is given in galaxyygaming.blogspot.com.
    try this
    2)about phone
    3)software update

    but i prefer the first method n the problem s indeed solved.cheers

    Galaxy Y Gaming Club: *NEW* 2.3.6 Update (SD CARD ERROR Fixed)
  5. dgtemoon

    dgtemoon New Member

    I am currently using Particle Storm Live wallpaper, the SD card error occured to me only when I changed my rom from IceCream Bread Apocalypse to Creeds Fusion 3.5..
    The Live Wallpaper should be where to prevent the error from occuring again,
    Internal Memory? or the SD card?

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